Drone Video Captures Great Whites Feeding

By edhat reader

This past Sunday around 3:00 p.m., locals on boats were able to witness at least four Great White Sharks feasting on a dolphin off the coast.

A local photographer and drone operator was able to capture footage and put together the below video.

[Warning: The below video shows graphic images of nature being nature]

The video was captured by The Malibu Artist


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  1. That appears to be an adult Common Pacific Dolphin, averaging about 8′ in length when mature, and a very social. It is obviously dead when the sharks attack it, and, like most predatory shark species, usually only attack, sick, frail, dead, or otherwise distressed prey. The sharks pictured here are immature, typical in the Carpinteria/SB area since they appear to be about 6-9′ in length; the biggest one is probably a female. Adult females are about 16-20+ feet in length and males are about 10-14 feet. I have fished many times at Guadalupe Island, located 240 miles south of San Diego, and the island is a breeding ground for these sharks. I have seen many cases where a hooked 100+ lb tuna is decapitated in one bite from these adults. Eating machines, to be sure.

  2. A number of us sat on the beach and watch this go down. We were angry and horrified as to us it seemed like the people on the boat were ” chumming” for the sharks. The drone was a little too convenient and the presence of that particular boat in the vicinity has often been noted.

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