Don’t Let Super Bowl Weekend Become a Super Spreader

By Dr. Henning Ansorg, M.D., FACP, Health Officer County of Santa Barbara, Department of Public Health

Gatherings are the most prevalent way people get COVID-19 and “super-spreader” holidays and events have often proven deadly. This weekend, please don’t let the Super Bowl become a Super Spreader event in our community! 

Best practices dictate that we gather only with those in our immediate household, but if you are having a small gathering, hold it outdoors and limit to members from three households. Practice physical distancing and mask wearing and limit the time together to two hours.

Restaurants and other businesses are working hard to follow all the State protocols with outdoor dining. When you dine out, please maintain a safe distance from others and wear your mask when not eating or drinking.

No one wants to go back to the State’s stricter Stay at Home Order. Let’s keep moving forward so our schools can open again safely and our businesses can continue to stay open.

Please adhere to these guidelines:

  • If the Super Bowl is on while you’re enjoying an outdoor meal, keep your distance from others while watching.
  • While safest to gather only with those in your immediate household, if you are having a small gathering, hold it outdoors with no more than three households, practice physical distancing and mask wearing, and limit the time together to two hours.
  • Wear a mask whenever you leave your home.
  • Stay at least six feet apart from those outside your household.
  • Stay home is you are sick.

We are almost there Santa Barbara County, let’s keep practicing our safety precautions!


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  1. DUKE – just got word from GUSD that they are now thinking of how to re-open. In fact, they’ve ONCE AGAIN, started asking parents what they want – hybrid, 1/2 hybrid, blah blah blah and have announced, once the numbers go down enough, THEN they will re-ask the parents and allow them to update their requests, (1 week), THEN “Update Staff” (1 more week), THEN “Notify parents and staff” (TWO WEEKS)….. FOUR GD WEEKS to re-open once the numbers are down to being “Acceptable.” FOUR WEEKS of asking us again, what we want, and updating staff. It is F*&(&ing ABSURD now! We all said what we wanted back in the fall, stick with it and freaking do it! The way they are going, we’ll be lucky to have the last week of school in June in-person, but only for TWO HOURS a day.
    San Francisco City just sued their own school district for lagging…. just saying…..

  2. It’s why august is when we will reopen. GUSD is a joke. When they get the green light it will take a month of talking and planning and then a month to implement. They can’t function in any real tangible capacity. They “feel” everything… and accomplish nothing…

  3. DUKE – I’m devastated to say you might be right. Might take a letter to the City Attorney. If SF is suing its own school district, maybe that will light some fire under their butts. It’s not like the teachers are working hard now. These zoom classes are an absolute joke. The have plenty of time to get this in place NOW.

  4. I think the focus on re-opening schools for in person learning is misplaced. I think at this point we need to work on re-imagining what school is. We can never go back to the way it was, but we can help build a brighter future by developing a better virtual school system. In person is over, we need to adapt by developing our new virtual society to keep everyone safely isolated at home.

  5. school needs to start ASAP… it’s a sick joke that it hasn’t already. Yeah let’s make some improvements and changes to school (9am start please!!!) but let’s start in March!!! I realize that’s not gonna happen, but schools have to restart in august… every other country realized schools were essential and stayed open (or quickly reopened). We’ve already stolen a full year of school from these kids… but hooray… we re-elected the school board in November so, hey… we may stay virtual beyond august!

  6. Our school board can’t accomplish anything and the teachers union doesn’t want the kids back in class. We’re basically being held hostage! Friends with kids in private school (and friends in other states where schools barely even closed) are laughing at me… good thing they don’t see my edhat posts or they’d really be rubbing it in!!!

  7. It’s going to take some time to get used to this new normal, but remember that its for your own good. Do what they tell you, and don’t ask questions. No more celebrations, no more museums, no more concerts, and absolutely no more super bowl parties. If your job is not essential, you should start training for a new career that is essential. You will never be allowed to go into public buildings and spaces without a mask again. Hugs and handshakes have been relegated to history. If you thought the vaccines would bring us back to the old normal, they won’t. As new strains of the virus develop, the vaccines will quickly diminish in effectiveness and we will be back to square one. Don’t worry, after another year or two of masking and social isolation, you will get used to living without the in person interaction we had become accustomed to in years past. Our new lifestyle of isolation will come more easily for the younger generations since they will have no memory of how we used to live.

  8. I don’t think you understand the severity of the pandemic.
    Do you think 458,000 deaths in the USA alone are faked?
    International death totals are somehow being falsified?
    Other countries are in on the conspiracy?
    Too little thinking behind such a comment.

  9. That’s not what I said at all. Just pointing out that once you get your vaccine, the authorities will continue to require you to wear your mask and stay socially isolated. We are never going back to the way it was. You will accept it and get used to it after a few more years.

  10. Not preventable with current enforcement: A large majority of those very willing to congregate are the same demographic that has played soccer league games at schools and public parks and has hung out with buddies al through this pandemic–as demographic statistics show.

  11. I gotta copy and paste a few of their explanations for each school as they are too good (and some edhatters are anti link click):
    Longfellow Elementary School — Referring to Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, the spreadsheet says: “He wrote poems & prose with stereotypes of nonwhite people”
    John Muir Elementary School — Referring to naturalist John Muir, the spreadsheet says, “Racist and responsible for theft of Native lands”

  12. I don’t know what it would take for some to see what this is doing to businesses, families, old people: Analytic ability, social consciousness, concern for others one has or doesn’t. Just pointing out the obvious: You saw the stats after the holidays, watch them after this event.

  13. 8:28 AM – Your comment is not simply ignorant; it is dangerously ignorant. SARS-C0V-2 is much more infectious than influenza, so measures to prevent COVID have greatly reduced influenza transmission. Also, COVID is much more deadly. And how could anyone be so gullible as to think over 460,000 deaths is anything close to the usual annual death toll from influenza?

  14. Chip-I said the same things a year ago and everyone had the same responses then and now and yep people die.
    Don’t go looking for free or logical thinkers here as evidenced by the amount of downvotes vs. up.
    Gullible people won’t see the truth because it does not fit their narrative.

  15. No one ever said they are faked.
    There just isn’t much you can do about it so stop letting this thing control your lives.
    Masks,2x masks.Why not an entire head or body covering?
    People really are to stoned to figure out what is going on so they comply.
    Change in Federal law coming your way.
    The whole country will stay high and forget in a year or two how nice civilization used to be.
    I used to find myself wishing for the 80’s or 90’s,but now I’ll just take 2015.

  16. Good for your neighbors, they understand risk how to mitigate risk, they understand that with basic precautions they go about their lives without living in fear. Hopefully you let them be and keep your shaming to this anonymous board as there are many that don’t believe isolating from friends and family for 11+ months is an acceptable response to covid.

  17. Hopefully you will not be one of the 1.5% of the the people that die from it. Or the additional people that suffer long term effects. As for most of us, we are going to be cautious for a while. To spare the hospital workers any more distress if nothing else.

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