Dog Attack on Cacique

By Roger the Scanner Guy

Dog attack in the 1100 block of Cacique Street. Two Pit Bulls entered a yard and killed another dog.


Written by Roger

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  1. I can only find these: New Zealand, Brazil, Belgium, Canada, France, Finland, Denmark, Poland, Norway, and the U. S. territory of Puerto Rico. Not very many civilized nations out there I guess.
    What I find curious is that these dogs were brought to the US and bred to be bigger and stronger than their European forebears. Do you think our fascination with bigger and stronger things has anything to do with what is happening?

  2. Today, 4.5 million pitbulls woke up, ate, played, slept, and lived their lives loving their families. No bites, no attacks, no killings, just happy dog lives. Don’t judge them all based on a few irresponsible owners.

  3. SB Townie, your ignorance is showing. Latest study by the Chicago Injury Center concluded that dog attacks were most common with the following breeds:
    Labrador retrievers: 13.3%
    Pit Bulls: 8.4%
    German Shepherds: 7.8%
    Rottweilers: 3.9%
    Chows: 3.5%
    So SB Townie, since clearly you and are an expert in the field, should we ban Labrador retrievers? “Pit Bulls” have an extremely strong bite force, are often very strong and can be extremely focused, which in the hands of irresponsible owners is dangerous and can be lethal. Pitties are not for everyone, nor are rotties, dobermans, German shepherds and some other breeds. Pitties are also some of the most loving, affectionate, obedient and loyal dogs you will ever meet. For a long time they were called “nanny dogs” and were used as babysitters. However the same traits that make them loyal, trusted guardians of the family have been used for nefarious means. Since any moron with bad intent or with no intention of giving the training, attention and discipline that any of these breeds requires can obtain one as easy as buying a pack of cigarettes, horrible events like this happen.
    I feel horribly for the dog that was attacked and for its family. There’s no excuse for two dogs of any breed to be loose and capable of inflicting damage like this. And to be clear, it’s not a case of “it’s not the dog, it’s the owner”. Pit bulls were bred hundreds of years ago to fight in a ring. Rottweilers guarded the Roman Legions. German shepherds have been used for security for hundreds of years. It cannot be denied that certain protective behaviors are part of their bloodline. Responsible people can have dogs for security of their home, property and families. These breeds require training, constant attention and discipline. Banning a breed is not the answer. Holding the owner responsible and making it sting is.

  4. Destroy them. Enough with Pit Bulls. My irresponsible relative has owned two that have killed other dogs. No one can claim this is “just about bad owners.” Sure, it is. And bad owners seem to gravitate toward the worst breeds of dogs. Toxic combo. But one we can get rid of, the other we can’t. Many countries in the civilized world have banned this horrible breed.

  5. Pitmix (?), it is not “bad for the breed” to tell people that pit bulls are dangerous and almost impossible to control or trust. We need more information, not less. We need aggressive controls to keep this known danger at bay.

  6. The most recent people deaths I read about were by rottweilers, but stories like this just stoke the fears of pitbulls as you so ably demonstrated. A standard poodle killed a small dog at Hendry’s a few years ago, so are you scared of them too? Anyway, it is the owner’s responsibility to keep their dogs from hurting anything, so hopefully the owners will be hit with big fines as well as the pain of having their dogs killed by the County.

  7. SACJON- We have only one neighbor within a mile and I know what their cat looks like, all others are feral. Idiot urbanites drop unwanted cats out here in the country as if that is good for the cats or wildlife. Cats, especially feral cats, contribute not only to reduced bird numbers, but to extinction as well. In answer to your question about who will save the cats from being murdered, absolutely no one. This is 100% legal and beneficial to the local ecosystem. Please do not think that it is “fun” in any way, it is simply another unpleasant chore to be done out in the country.

  8. Sorry about the statistics, but a dog that has been bred as an attack dog for so many generations DOES sometimes snap and revert to type. Make all the excuses about bad owners that you want. Two weeks ago two pit bulls came out of the housing area adjacent to the La Purisima Mission in Lompoc and attacked a woman and her horse on the trail. The horse had to go to Alamo Pintado Animal Hospital for numerous bite lacerations on its legs. Then they were distracted by tastier prey and went for a baby in a stroller, whose father successfully fought them off. They ran back into the neighborhood where a woman arriving home was terrified to exit her car but was able to photograph them in her yard trying to kill her cat. Clear photos, yet as far as I know the dogs have still not been identified and apprehended, much less the owner. Save your stories about how much you wuv your widdle pitties.

  9. CHANNEL – you intentionally killed the cats, that is murder, no matter how you twist it. I get that some animals need to be culled (eg, foxes destroying native habitats, etc), but I’m unaware of any prescribed culling for cats. In fact, the County website says this:
    “Although feral cats, when left unattended, can create problems such as noise, spraying, fighting, and overpopulation, when a colony is trap, neutered, and released, they can be easy to co-habitat with.”
    So, again, why are you killing cats?

  10. “feral: 1) (especially of an animal) in a wild state, especially after escape from captivity or domestication. Similar: wild, untamed, undomesticated, untrained, unused to humans, unbroken, not broken in, not house-trained, not housebroken
    2) resembling a wild animal.”
    “fog: something that obscures and confuses a situation or someone’s thought processes.”

  11. SACJON- Culling and eradicating invasive flora fauna is accepted environmental stewardship. We are protecting flora and fauna that are native and have done well with running off the poachers who were killing legally protected species. We are proud of being good land stewards who will leave the land at least as well as we found it.

  12. Cats ARE invasive and destructive to the natural environment. Cities are cat, rat and rat-poison infested environs and where environmental toast long ago. The back country is the last reserve for wild animals. We need to save that.

  13. Sac, you say you are a progressive but you are really misguided on the feral cat issue. Feral cats are one of the number one threats to wildlife in this country and the world. Please research this. Animal lovers and environmentalists must advocate for destruction of feral cats. They literally kill BILLIONS of birds in the US alone, which has been catastrophic to habitats in places like Hawaii. Please, please do better research on this topic. Feral cats should be humanely culled.

  14. SBTOWNIE – when did I ever say I was a “progressive?” I am actually pretty conservative on some issues. I’m far from “woke,” I just don’t like racists or those who defend them. For animals, I don’t think any of them should be killed without a pretty strong reason. I know housecats kill many birds, but we don’t go killing them now, do we? Why should wild cats be treated any different?

  15. I hate to break it to you, Sac, but you’re a progressive. In any case, let’s say you aren’t – you seem to care about environmental issues, “doing the right thing,” protecting the defenseless, defending against injustice, etc. Yeah, housecats kill tons of wildlife. It should basically be illegal to have cats outdoors. But housecats are confined to urban areas or select territory in remote areas like a farm. Feral cats have taken over entire swaths of native habitat, again in places like Hawaii, Australia, etc. Can you please just do us all a favor and google it? If you think invasive, wild cats should not be ethically culled because it’s cruel, what kind of cruelty are you inflicting on each of the 600+ animals PER FERAL CAT that they kill each year. Hundreds of mammals, birds, and reptiles are killed per year by each and every feral cat and the results are disastrous.

  16. SBTOWNIE – interesting you’ve assumed my whole world view based on my comments about local issues. Are you a wizard? Nah. Hey, I know SB is beautiful, but it’s not “Hawaii, Australia, etc.” Sure, in those places it may be a good idea. But I’m not talking about those places, am I? I’m upset about someone taking it upon themselves to massacre feral cats in our town. We don’t have the same environment nor flora/fauna as Hawaii, Australia, etc…… When it gets that bad here, come ask me about it at wherever it is you think “progressives” like me hang out lol! Until then, stop murdering wild animals!

  17. Ok, you’re a… centrist? An independent thinker? What suits you best, Sac? Actually a huge problem within “environmentalism” is the tendency for people to designate some places as “special” or more worthy of environmental protection because they are stunningly gorgeous, or unique, etc. This is a sort of bias that affects all types of environmental work where people gravitate toward issues that affect showy or beautiful animals or locales, and tends not to attract much support where the animals or habitats aren’t as visually impressive or awe inspiring. The reality is that all “wildlife” and ecosystems are valuable. I agree there is not a huge feral cat problem here in SB and housecats locally are almost certainly a bigger problem, but the problem is that’s how it starts. People let a few feral cats live, or feed them, and don’t cull them, and they reproduce and then 15 years later the problem is completely out of control. The efforts to round them all up and fix them are ultimately futile because they can never all be rounded up and cats can breed at an extraordinary rate and live very long lives during which they can continue to kill for up to two decades even if they are fixed. One thing I am sure you are not, Sac, is part of the rationalist community. Because talking about culling feral cats as “murdering them” when the goal is humane culling (for animals who have absolutely no existential dread about dying) in order to preserve precious ecosystems and species is just purely emotional and not at all a sound argument.

  18. SBTOWNIE -“I agree there is not a huge feral cat problem here in SB and housecats locally are almost certainly a bigger problem, but the problem is that’s how it starts.” – I rest my case. Slippery slope arguments aren’t valid. Case closed!

  19. It is not a question of the breed, it is a matter of their upbringing. If the owner of a canine, ANY canine, treats said canine in a malicious manner, teaches their canine to be a jerk, just like the owner, then the canine will develop the same negative traits as the individual who claims to own it.
    If you look closely at ANY pitbull attack, you will find the owner of the dog involved fits a certain profile and that profile usually never amounts to a productive member of society.
    If you see a pitbull with a thick chain around its neck, you can bet the owner is teaching that dog to be ajerk just like them and the sad part is that dog will probably attack another dog or a person, get destroyed and the owner lives to get another one and repeat the cycle.
    Almost like “assault” type rifles, while many that own those are law abiding responsible gun owners, there’s also a shady profile that is attracted to those and end up as mass shooters.
    The problem isn’t the breed, it is the attitude of those who adopt the breed and teach it to be as obnoxious and repulsive as the owners are.

  20. Sorry but you didn’t “get me” with that one. And that “fallacy” is among the weakest there is. It is regularly proven invalid and is barely applicable to mathematical probability relating to items like rate of animal reproduction . Much better suited to unfalsifiable or unverifiable and impossible to measure or predict sociological phenomena. The most boring guy to argue with is always the one who wants to win with a gotcha based on a list of alleged fallacies he keeps in his head to “case close” when things aren’t logically or rationally actually going his way. 🙂 I hope you have a nice evening. I will get off this d*mn website now.

  21. Several years ago I was at the market with my wife and young daughter. 3 pit bulls had jumped out the window of a car in the parking lot and were attacking anyone and everyone walking to and from their cars in the lot. I rushed to get my wife and daughter in the car and the dogs attacked me without any provocation. They attacked by one in front and 2 behind me so I couldn’t protect myself while they jumped and bit at my legs to bring me down. I was eventually saved by a man hitting the dogs with a shopping cart and was taken to the hospital where my wounds were tended to. The dogs went and jumped back into the car and when the police arrived they they had AC take the dogs. They were held for 3 days and then returned to the owner. The owner had no job and so I had to foot the hospital bills. Needless to say I have a deep down hatred for pit bulls. They should be wiped off the earth as far as I’m concerned.

  22. CHANNEL – Can you please cite the Animal Constitution section declaring feral cats unworthy of any rights? Also, since they are “human caused,” are they not unwilling participants in “wildlife,” therefore entitled to the same rights as such? I think you need to brush up on your Bird Law.

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