COVID Relief Fund for Local Bartenders and Servers

Source: GYDO

Community members concerned about the wellbeing of their favorite local bartenders and servers, amidst the coronavirus crisis, can show their support by donating to the “COVID Relief Fund for Bartenders and Servers” The campaign aims to raise $10,000 by May 31st.

There are two ways community members can participate:  

  • Donate any amount to the fundly campaign online here. 
  • Purchase a custom designed “Support Local” T-shirt for $35. 

100 percent of the entire campaign profits will go to the relief fund. 

All profits, whether received through donations or shirt sales, will be distributed between the participating venues by means of gift cards that can be used at local grocery stores, eateries, and other essential businesses. This allows the money raised to go to the individual employees when they need it the most, while ensuring the funds stay within the local community.

GYDO Founder Ryan Williams said,“We all have our favorite watering hole and our favorite server. They are there for us during the good times and the bad. Now, it is our turn to show up and be there for them. When the doors closed to our favorite wineries and breweries, the servers and bartenders who normally put a smile on our face suddenly found themselves without a place of employment. Members of the community have come together to support the businesses and businesses owners that we all love. However, we want to put an additional focus on the individuals that make these venues so great and also need our support! This campaign is our contribution to the community we are so heavily involved with. Our goal is to raise sufficient funds to support the staff at all of our participating venues.”

Any business can join the fundraising efforts and sign up their servers as beneficiaries of the campaign.  Interested businesses can contact Ryan Williams at 805-284-5213 or 

GYDO is a mobile gifting platform designed to modernize the age old concept of buying a friend a drink. In an effort to support local businesses in this time of uncertainty, GYDO modified its existing platform to offer custom gift cards to participating venues. GYDO was originally created by three expats who were constantly missing out on life’s big moments with friends and family abroad. They wanted to be able to join the celebration and buy a friend a drink, anywhere in the world. There are currently 21 venues in California and 2 in South Africa. GYDO launched in November of 2019 and is free to download on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. 


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  1. Many of these bartenders and servers are making more money on unemployment right now than they did working because of the federal unemployment increase of $600 more per week. I know, I live with one, and they are living rich while being unemployed right now.

  2. Wow! Three people you know personally who make over 80k yearly just to pour drinks? Careful there, because that sounds suspiciously like an endorsement for the recent economic policies and job growth under you know who—before China ruined it for everyone of course.

  3. @5:10 PM That’s equivalent to $38.46/hour for someone who works 5 days a week, every week of the year (no vacations), but I doubt these “non-crud tenders” work even close to that many hours. Sounds like a living wage to me. I think Bernie would approve.

  4. My roommate is a server and he was making about $2000-2400 a month and now is making $850 a week… he has 0 motivation to work right now, and why would he? So instead he’s out social distance partying with friends, working on his tan, playing video games all day and night, trashing the kitchen several times a day because he is a lousy/messy cook who is used to eating most of his meals at work. It’s kind of a win win for him and a lose lose for me…. once covid is over and I can evict him I will do it fast. True colors show up in times like these!

  5. Instacart needs drivers, stores need people to help stock and clean! Many places need volunteers too, like foodbank and meals on wheels. If servers and bartenders who usually are part of the local alcoholic building team can get do things to help the community right now that would be great. Instead many are seeing this as a paid vacation opportunity. Why would we pay them extra on top of that?? I think that this is just a reaction to the Palace restaurant person getting all of that money because an insured driver damaged her car and not everyone on edhat thought that it made sense to have a fund raiser.

  6. This is NOT for all of the servers and bartenders in town, it’s actually just a for a select few. This is the info I was able to find while researching but it may not be accurate. It’s mostly NOT Santa Barbara. Would love to see a list of local places that this helps.
    Goleta Red Distilling Company, Rincon Brewery-Carpinteria, Rincon Brewery-Ventura, Cantara Cellars, Flat Fish Brewing Company, Draughtsmen Aleworks, Fox Wine Co., Armada Wine & Beer Merchant, Santa Ynez Valley Wine Collective, Wingwalker Brewery, The Backroom

  7. If only there were way where we could isolate those for which Covid-19 is a serious health risk! Then everyone else could get back on with their lives, go back to work, have a drink after work with friends, and we wouldn’t need these fundraisers. We could… take care of ourselves…. There is no putting Covid-19 back in the bottle (or the bat), it’s something we’re going to have to live and deal with for the foreseeable future and a complete shutdown is not appropriate nor an acceptable solution.

  8. Current get rich without working schemes seem mostly to involve someone with ability to use internet/social media by creating a wonderful sounding effort (this not being the best example) and then taking a taste of everything good suckers send in. As noted, there is no evidence that these particular employees are more needful than many others who did a lot more worthy work. I suggest people pass on this and if they want to address a known need do so one to one.

  9. The idea was to give people enough money so they didnt have to work for a few months. It worked. Also know that the short term boost by the Feds is going to expire. So your roommate may receive a few hundred more $s a week for a few months, but it will not last nor is it tax free. I say good luck to those who will try and survive on $450 of UI a week living in SB. Sure its a boost to a few, for most people its a penance and is helping them avoid poverty. Also note that this money is considered income, so he will have to pay taxes. The longer people like him sit on their butts, the less likely they’ll have the financial resources to pay rent, bills, taxes let alone support their habits… Fret less about the small amount of added income they’re receiving and more about the disappearance of the city’s main job sector. Tourism. This guys bartending job is not coming back anytime soon…

  10. @chico I actually reached out to them and GYDO said they are in fact giving all of their profits to local bartenders/servers who need help. So that means, all the profits they make over the costs of the t-shirts. The t-shirts were printed locally, and then profits will be distributed by way of gift card (again supporting local)
    You should reach out to them if you’d like further clarification! They are local people trying to help local people during these crazy times…

  11. People need to develop some more critical thinking about this stuff. The definition of “all profits” is any money made after expenses are paid. Expenses includes the compensation of those who manage this sort of thing as well as the money paid to those who produce the product at whatever cost they decide to bill. There may well be no “profits” in these cases, they are black holes in terms of financial transparency and there is no realistic system to review whether they are legitimate or not. We should not be throwing money at these fly by night solicitations.

  12. Hi Edhat readers…..
    My name is Ryan Williams, the organizer of this campaign. We put this campaign together as many of our friends work in the service industry and we felt their pain. Losing your job after 15 years at the same winery or brewery is a difficult adjustment.
    We are a group of local individuals who felt called to action. The only expense associated with this campaign is the cost of the T-shirt. However, we have these printed here locally which further “Supports Local” This is a win for us!
    Any donation will help but we ask for $35 for your awesome T-shirt. The participating venue’s are the ones who wanted to be part of this campaign.
    We look forward to your support and much needed donations….
    Thank you.

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