Colorized Mission: Los Olivos View

By Joe DeLise

Another colorized photo of Old Mission Santa Barbara from the 1880s. This one is viewed from E. Los Olivos Street where it meets APS.

Original photo is courtesy of the Santa Barbara Historical Museum.


Written by jdelise

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  1. Relative to English settlers back east and later American settlers in CA, the Spanish were benevolent. That’s not saying a lot though, they enslaved natives with a vague plan to eventually emancipate them and give them mission land. Anglo settlers straight up wiped whole tribes out. One of the first US governors of CA made it legal to kill natives. The CA missions’ rehabilitation was a tourism marketing ploy from the turn of the century. An attempt to make CA have a historical pedigree and seem more exotic and relatable instead of just being blank land. In reality the missions were a historical curiosity, a failed experiment in colonialism and cruelty.

  2. Joe, interesting that you give these images a vertical exaggeration (the Mission and trees are taller, and the topography is taller too if present (not much in this image). The entire image is taller, but not wider (which anybody can measure on the screen). I appreciate that you are making the images more showy: clouds added to the sky, bolder buildings and ground features, and artistic enhancement of distant hazy terrain. Color adds some realism to the view. But are you concerned that a falsely taller Mission (etc) degrades the realism?

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