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  1. The law-school level teaching of Critical Race Theory (which is ONLY where this is being taught, and sparingly so) is exactly what MLK preached. Certain groups love to take soundbites of what MLK said in one speech without the entire context of his teachings.

  2. As a side note, that isn’t what this comic is saying. It’s poking fun at the right for threatening teachers to even discuss the civil rights movement so white students (or mostly their parents) aren’t offended by what white people did.

  3. Our school system is failing our children by not teaching more history, not just ours but world history. It is taught so sparingly and in such a boring way that kids tune it out. Our public school system is disgraceful and it shows as history repeats itself.

  4. That’s an oversimplistic cartoon. Teachers aren’t quitting over critical race theory. I personally think some people are getting upset about the idea of crt is because our schools aren’t currently able to even teach the basics like reading, writing, math, science etc. and then are looking to extend into other categories like this. Stay in your lane teachers, or should I say school administrators.
    During Covid times here we’ve seen a big divergence on the part of our local school districts into the realm of ‘social support’ I guess I would call it. Free lunches for all, constant reminders of how to mask up. Ok, let’s let that go. The kids are doing just fine, but if you forget your mission – to TEACH – they’ll be struggling in the long run.

  5. It would seem to me that many of the comments on this thread are too heavily filtered through the lenses of today’s cultural context. Reverend King was a product of the forties and fifties and much of what he thought and wrote and said and did is best understood when viewed and interpreted through the context that it happened in rather than the context of here and now. To look at the like and wisdom of King in the context of today is to guarantee that you will misunderstand. But history is boring…

  6. It is a complete falsehood and disservice to say or even suggest that MLK taught hate towards white people. Interesting that so many commenters here think they actually know much about MLK. He would be completely against the concept of teaching CRT, especially to children. I do not understand why supporters of CRT are upset and say that it’s not being taught in school. I would think that CRT supporters would support CRT being taught in schools…..not support that it’s not being taught in schools. Seems a bit backwards to me. Also, just a nit, but the cartoon depicts a female, or what appears to be female, teacher quitting her/his job rather than do their job. Not one complaint about the caroon showing weakness in the face of controversy. The end result of all of this are indoctrinated uneducated children with no hope for the future.

  7. Oh my the contradictions in your post. MLK didn’t teach hate towards white people and neither does CRT. Certain agitators have taken CRT out of context and used it to rile up their base and attack the left. CRT has nothing about hate.
    You can learn more about how this propaganda based on misinformation was started by one dude here:

  8. Also, baby cakes you’re correct. Teachers cannot properly do their job so they’re quitting or considering to quit because of uneducated, misinformed parents and lawmakers creating CRT into some boogeyman that doesn’t exist. And it’s punishing our teachers, and our children.

  9. VOICE at 12:51 – You, once again, made my point for me, thank you. The cartoon is calling out those who cry and moan about “CRT” when their kids learn the facts about American History.
    But, since you are intent on saying I’m wrong about something, do tell us….. what IS the “issue?”

  10. SBO – You do realize of course that you are speaking about both parties right now, right? The left is exactly the same. And yes…it truly is crazy how in lock step both extremes of the two parties are…

  11. DUKE – what is the “extreme” in this situation? Only the right is freaking out about kids being taught the truth about history. This isn’t some leftist indoctrination we’re talking about here. It’s American History.

  12. The whole nonexistent CRT thing the right-wingers won’t stop whining about is just a giant strawman fallacy. It’s nothing but a clumsy attempt to smear long-overdue inclusion of minority perspectives in curriculum. History is ugly and new lesson plans aren’t even scratching the surface. Teachers could talk about how slave owners raped their “property” then enslaved their own mixed-race children. Or about how slaves were shackled and stacked like firewood in wooden ships for weeks with horrendous mortality rates. Or about how redlining in mortgage lending, sharecropping, and the prison industrial complex have put minorities on an uneven playing field in recent history. The GOP definitely doesn’t want nice white kids in the South learning about any of that.

  13. Sac – The distinction seems to be in how you are portraying events of history. Slavery needs to be taught, that is absolutely true. But there is a thought process and inclination by some to go full Howard Zinn and focus solely on the negative aspects of our history (or of course on the flip side, only focus on the greatness of our history). Both sides are inaccurate, misleading and dangerous. So yes, there is too much attention and fear about CRT being pushed on the far right, but on the far left you have people demanding Lincoln, Washington and Hamiltons names be stripped from schools.

  14. Chillin’s post would be an example of teaching in a way that seeks to condemn the US for anything and everything. Not sure your ideology can be completely equated to CRT, but one can can see where a teacher with your thought process would be problematic to people who have a bit more perspective, not to mention concept of world history.

  15. 8%, or nearly 1 out of 10, say they have taught or discussed CRT topics with their K-12 students. That’s the average, it’s grows to 20% in urban schools (which are overwhelming liberal but we’ll put that aside for now).
    4.1% report being mandated or required to teach CRT at this time. 11% believe CRT should be required or mandated.
    So please go on about how this is “nonexistent” in K-12, only taught in “law schools”, and it’s just right-wing propaganda?

  16. DUKE – I agree and see that, but the outrage over CRT is by only 1 side. The left is not, despite what FOX says, trying to force elementary kids to study history through the CRT analytical method, used in grad/law schools. Sure, they’re teaching them that slavery was wrong, what we did to the Native Americans was wrong, etc, but in no school are they ONLY teaching that and ignoring things like the Declaration of Independence or the New Deal or things like that.
    “on the far left you have people demanding Lincoln, Washington and Hamiltons names be stripped from schools.” Yeah, but that’s not part of CRT, that’s just over-wokeism.
    What it comes down to, is an over-paranoid segment of our population screaming and panicking about “CRT” and “ethnic studies” thinking their kids are being indoctrinated. Teaching the facts of history and giving a minority viewpoint for once, is not indoctrination. It’s learning to see both sides of a thing. And fact is, white people were freaking horrible to minorities throughout our history. That’s not CRT, that’s the truth. Some people don’t like to have to face reality.

  17. VOICE – wow, you are an absolute piece of work. You’re coming in here telling everyone they’re wrong, yet you refuse to give specific examples of what you think CRT is. You come in and say “If you’re thinking this issue is about teaching or not teaching the facts of history you’d be wrong” and “Still thinking this cartoon is about history huh?” yet you REFUSE (likely because you’re unable) to explain WHAT, specifically, is wrong.
    Back up your comments as to the content of CRT and this article. If a few schools are teaching it, so what? The ENTIRE point here is that it’s NOT INDOCTRINATION to teach historical facts through the lens of minorities.
    You got your pathetic little “win” there, but you still FAILED to back your claims that we’re all wrong about CRT. Absolute joke.

  18. VOICE – “goal posts?” YOU SAID THOSE WORDS. You said I was wrong TWICE about CRT and then flat out refused to explain why.
    I gave you your inconsequential “win” about it being taught in a few schools, but that’s it. You need to back up your words or pack it up man.

  19. 4pm – So you believe these teachers are teaching historical analytics to elementary school kids? Just because VOICE posted a link to a couple surveys (not the most reliable sources, since you know…. people can lie), doesn’t make it so.
    The bigger issue is, so what if they ARE teaching it? What, specifically, do you think schools are teaching about race and history that they shouldn’t be teaching to K-12 kids?

  20. “Please make sure to look at the actual words used ” – Already did. See 4:06. Now tell us all, if this isn’t about teaching historical facts, what is it about? You saying CRT is teaching lies? Come on, man up and explain the issue here.

  21. VOICE – My comment at 4:06 CONTAINS quotes from you. Since you’re having such a difficult time with this simple process, here you go again:
    “Still thinking this cartoon is about history huh?” 2:36pm today
    “If you’re thinking this issue is about teaching or not teaching the facts of history you’d be wrong.” 12:51pm today
    Now, explain to us why this the issue with CRT (and this cartoon) is not about “teaching the facts of history.”

  22. I think by now, most people realize that you can take anything that the Voice or the Chip posts (even when anonymous, as their flair for the inane is distinctive), surround it with a pair of parentheses, and add the word NOT at the beginning, and come up with something that’s finally true.

  23. Such a joy to read your sophomoric analysis of things Loon. As always, nothing you write is real for anyone but you and your imaginary friends (in this case 8year old kids). Keep swallowing the poison they’re serving you nightly, obviously, based your advanced understanding of things, your chosen media-lords are helping to make you a happier, more rounded and capable person.

  24. RHS: You ask: “The test of democracy is can it continue to survive such buffeting?” I think a better question is: Should we be judged by the color of our skin, or the content of our character? It seems that the content of our character is out the window, and is mostly about what you folks are talking about (for the most part).

  25. Loon… your post is just, looney. Kids are not saying that and kids are not being taught that in schools. One GOP was caught for saying very similar things that was found out to be false. The school district in his jurisdiction found there was no evidence of his claims, and so misinformation continues. You’re simply wrong and believing this propaganda to get upset and go vote for “your guys.”

  26. BASIC – I don’t think the teacher here is quitting over CRT, but rather exhibiting despair and frustration that kids think learning about MLK is CRT. Teaching about the Civil Rights movement in an American History class has been done for generations and isn’t “CRT.”

  27. What’s amazing SBO is how sure people are with themselves that they know exactly what’s going on, or in this case so sure something isn’t going on, in the 100,000 +/- schools throughout our country. Just look at how absolute the language that is used in these comments, it’s written with the same certainty as they would say the Earth is round yet how could anyone possibly gain such certainty on what is occurring in each of the 100,000 schools. Through the “news”? that’s certainly no longer the bastion of objectivity it used to be and more of an echo chamber appeal to preestablished beliefs. Though social media, a politician speech? Please, I would love to know the source of where people are getting information on this that makes them so sure they know exactly what’s going on throughout our county.

  28. Right wing media and politicians work in unison. Their phrases, stories, words etc. all come from a central source. They literally get their marching orders from the same people, at the same “think tank”…
    The fact that many channels and online outlets use the same verbiage, in the same manner, at the same time, fools simpletons into thinking that the information they’re receiving is accurate and important. It makes simpletons feel like they’re a part of the conversation when in reality, no one ever asks them for advice or insights on anything of importance. So they feel as if they’re in on something big, that their knowledge on this subject makes them “smart”… This is the same underlying driver of conspiracy theories. Simple people who think knowing something that you dont makes them “smart”… phhhffff
    For these “simple” people, it is comforting to have their fears and their feelings validated by actors and charlatans. So they believe it, they repeat it and without any evidence ,they fight for it. What is crazy is that no matter how many times it turns out that they’d been lied to or misled by these very people, they still fall for the same stuff over and over and over…
    Turns out that you really can fool all of the people some of the time and some of the people all of the time.

  29. You’re are nearly 100% correct SBO, but you started off with “right wing” and should have just started your comment with “media”. To phrase it the way you did, like it’s only a one-sided problem, makes readers think you believe the left-wing doesn’t do the exact same thing, which would be 100% wrong. And if you don’t think that’s the case then we’ll never see eye to eye because your starting point isn’t based in reality. This is really at the heart of how divisive we’ve become the past 5-10 years, calling out one position or side for their wrongs while ignoring, or worse – excusing, the same thing occurring on whatever your preferred side or position is.

  30. Wow, I’ve got 2 kids and the 9 yo has never come home saying he learned he’s bad because he’s white. Nor has he come home confused because of different genders. (Our elementary school did have a transgender girl on the student council though.)
    Neither of which is CRT.

  31. LOONPT – none of that is true, at least not exclusive to this generation. I remember feeling “bad” just for being white when I was young and first learned about the Civil Rights era. Any intelligence child will question the actions of their group and may internalize that and wonder if they themselves are to blame. It’s a pretty common reaction. It is not new to this generation nor is it “taught” ANYWHERE. The lesson of CRT and race related lessons is not that ALL white people are “bad,” but rather an acknowledgement of their inherent privilege in life. That is a distinct concept and rather advanced, which is why CRT, despite what Fox tells you, is NOT taught to 8 year olds.

  32. Ha, how woke of you. Actually, most intelligent children don’t blame themselves for what people did before they were born. Now, how exactly are you so sure there is no CRT type instruction in schools? Where do you get this information that provides you with such certainty that something isn’t happening throughout 100,000 schools and millions of students? Particularly in light of the example posted earlier in response to your request for an example. That is what is so pointless of making absolute / blanket statements like you and many others here have, it only take one occurrence, one example, to prove their whole premise wrong.

  33. Since you’re so confident that there is such a coordinated effort, please cite the studies, the proof and/or the existence of what you claim exists in parity on the Left.
    But know that no matter how hard you Google, (something you probably equate to academic research), you will not be able to find any such equivalency. Why not? Because no matter how loud the RIGHT whines and cries and complains that the world is dominated by Leftists, there is actually nothing of the sort in existence or practice.
    What you claim is a bias and so-called indoctrination, is actually what educated people call reason… What you want instead is what is literally, indoctrination. The teaching of fables and falsehoods based on faith, not facts or figures… Its astounding that facts and figures end up being labeled as “liberal” while fantasy and fables are what is considered “conservative” by the simpletons. But then again, those who make such claims aren’t exactly the smartest or even average people…

  34. The surest way to know something isn’t factual is to ask a FoxNews watching, Trump voting, W2 earning, Mega-Church attending, Republican if they believe it… They are, by far, the most gullible people on earth.

  35. 9:59 AM: what does the term “nearly 100%” really mean??? Something like >51%? almost NEARLY, but 100% wrong could just be considered “Incorrect”. Percents were not used properly? (just what my “position is”)

  36. VOICE at 10:31 – If you didn’t feel the slightest bit guilty as a kid when you learned what the white people did throughout our history, then…. well…. kinda explains a lot.
    And please don’t lecture us about “blanket statements.” It’s literally the one thing you do almost ALL the time.

  37. And I don’t mean so much as they/I really blamed themselves for what our ancestors did, but more that they/I realized that white people were HORRIBLE to others throughout our country’s history and felt some shame or even a little guilt for what we’ve done as a people.

  38. The more I read some of the comments from the usual “Right” here, I understand the cartoon’s intent. So many equate any teaching of American History during our more unsavory (to say the least) times, as “indoctrination” or “CRT.” It displays a fundamental lack of understanding what Critical Race Theory truly is. Teaching about what the white people did to so many ethnic groups over the course of our history, is simply teaching facts. Those facts make some of you obviously uncomfortable. CRT is much more than just facts, it’s critical analysis. Something FAR beyond what is being taught it K-12. It’s easy for the right to label any teaching of historical facts as “CRT,” but as we see here in this cartoon and these comments, it’s misplaced paranoia.
    If our history is uncomfortable for you, maybe it’s time to reflect instead of blaming “liberals” for “indoctrinating” your kids with facts.

  39. You are really out of the loop on this one. What is happening right now is that younger gen-xers and older millenials who were taught MLK values of not judging people by their skin color, but the by the content of their character – and that everybody should have equal rights – and they themselves hold those values are now horrified by what is being taught in school today. Many of them are just regular people who have recently turned to the right because they are actually seeing how their kids are being indoctrinated in schools. If you ignore all right-wing publications then you are doing yourself a disservice because they are the only ones reporting on what is being taught to young children these days. What they are teaching is toxic, racist garbage. 8 year old kids are coming home from school asking their parents if they are evil because they are white. Same thing is happening with the transgender issue. A lot of regular people who just want to raise their kids think that maybe kindergarten is a bit young to teach them about all 42 genders.. then when they are a little older sending kids who might just have a really good imagination to a psychiatrist to be put on puberty blockers, or even get sex change surgeries. Both of which cause permanent sterilization and can have other negative health consequences. Many parents on both sides of the isle or who were not even political before are horrified by all of this, a lot of the left is brainwashed into believing it’s not actually happening.

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