Chumash Casino Closes Due to COVID-19 Concerns

By edhat staff

The Chumash Casino in the Santa Ynez Valley announced Sunday they fully close through the end of the month amid coronavirus (COVID-19) concerns.

“We have been following the COVID-19 pandemic as it progresses and have taken the necessary precautions based on governmental guidance to protect our team members and guests. As uncertainty surrounding this threat escalates on an hourly basis, our tribe has decided to proceed with extreme caution and temporarily close the Chumash Casino Resort,” said Kenneth Kahn, Tribal Chairman of the Santa Ynez Band of Chumash Indians.

Kahn stated the casino’s team members will remain compensated during the closure.

“The health and welfare of all the community is our immediate concern. During this challenging time we stand with you, our community,” said Kahn.

The Chumash Casino has previously cancelled all events and entertainment.

Edhat Staff

Written by Edhat Staff

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  1. The ability to rationalize is remarkable. We are consistently reminded of it when people post things like “that’s why it is there” to justify their selfishness. The “there” is an ugly disruptive pile of concrete marring the natural order of things, impacting the local community with high traffic and gambling addiction, importing drugs and other problems from across the state, and so forth. The exploitation of people to take their money in absurdly one-sided “gaming” activities is the only reason to create this. Pretending that the owners want to provide low cost buffets and affordable entertainment ignores the nature of these traps.

  2. They are not being socially responsible. If they were they would not be in the business that they pursue. They are doing this out of fear to their family members in the casino area and because the loss in customers will make it unprofitable to pay their staff. Real simple bottom line.

  3. Safety of the community comes first whether you like the casino or not is irrelevant. Good that they are suspending operations. ALso irrelevant is whether they are worried of contractiing the virus or altruistic. Just shut things down until we get this figured out.

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