Cats of the Week: Moe and Seamus

Cats of the Week: Moe and Seamus title=
Cats of the Week: Moe and Seamus
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Source: ASAP Cats

*Meet Moe and Seamus!*

Moe and Seamus are 5 year old brothers who were living outdoors, cared for by kind neighbors after being left behind by their former people. 

Seamus developed an infected abscess that made it clear he needed a bit more care than the "community cat" life could afford him, but when he came to ASAP for medical treatment, Moe missed him so much that we reunited them, and now they're ready to find a forever home together! 

These boys are quiet, friendly, and quite handsome (even with Seamus' current, umm, haircut). Could YOU be the forever family they deserve?! Learn more at

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