Cat of the Week: Rags

Source: ASAP Cats

Rags was unhappy to be at the shelter and expressed his displeasure in no uncertain terms. He struck out at anyone approaching his cage, and was full of hisses and growls. ASAP’s Wellness Team and Behavior Team discussed it and decided to try moving Rags to one of our covered and enclosed outdoor patios in the hopes that it would ease his shelter stress. At first he was still antisocial, hissing and growling if anyone entered his patio. All it took to change his mind was a brush. One of the shelter’s volunteers discovered that Rags loves being brushed and he instantly began purring, drooling, and kneading once the grooming began. Instead of hisses he now greets visitors with meows. He craves attention and wants nothing more than to have someone sit and brush his face.

Rags is looking for an experienced human who understands feline body language, recognizes the signs of overstimulation, and is willing to learn how to keep Rags a happy kitty! Every adoptable cat at ASAP is neutered or spayed, treated for fleas, vaccinated and dewormed as needed. If you are interested in adopting, please fill out an application at:


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