Cat of the Week: Captain Butterscotch

Cat of the Week: Captain Butterscotch title=
Cat of the Week: Captain Butterscotch
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By ASAP Cats

The respected Captain is in a bit of a unique situation, and we're hoping we can appeal to our amazing ASAP community to help us find his hap-purry ever after!

Captain Butterscotch is 9 years old, and as far as we know, he has been a lifelong resident of El Capitán State Beach, but after experiencing the dangers of fending for himself, he's ready to leave his beach bum days behind him in favor of a more leisurely life...a brush with a pellet gun and a bit of unkindness will do that to a guy. 

Butterscotch is an adorable, docile, bobtail kitty who would like nothing more than sit in your lap, give kitty hugs and head bumps, and sunbathe the day away. His ideal home is dog-free with a yard in which to quench his outdoor thirst safely.

He is healthy and current on all of his vaccinations, and has tested negative for feline HIV and leukemia. His current caretaker will be leaving the campground on May 1st, and the goal is to keep him out of the shelter, so time is of the essence in finding this fellow his next destination. 

If you're interested in welcoming Captain Butterscotch into your heart, please contact

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SanTiki Apr 12, 2021 09:34 PM
Cat of the Week: Captain Butterscotch

I took in a male street cat who was terrified to be in the house. Took lots of patience, compromise :-) & love, but he settled in & slept next to me for 16 years. Best of luck to Captain Butterscotch & whoever is fortunate enough to be able to take him in. I sure wish it could be me.

Jamespoe Apr 12, 2021 08:21 AM
Cat of the Week: Captain Butterscotch

One of the feline's most reliable characteristics is their adaptability. With 60 years experience of cats including several that just showed up, I've never experienced a cat who couldn't adapt to a new situation given some patience of the caregiver. They do not need access to the outdoors and it's better for all, including the real wildlife, not to give cats that access. I have a full house of four cats or I'd take this handsome and unusual looking fellow gladly.

Summertime Apr 11, 2021 06:50 PM
Cat of the Week: Captain Butterscotch

I've had wonderful experiences with feral cats over the years - they can become very loving indoor only cats...

a-1618189717 Apr 11, 2021 06:08 PM
Cat of the Week: Captain Butterscotch

The idea that a nine year feral cat can be a domestic partner is nonsense. I have had the misfortune of "adopting" a feral cat and having it traumatize my children and smell up my house. If we are to allow these animals to breed indiscriminately they should be left where found, hopefully neutered.

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