Carp to S.B. Dance for Peace

Larry Nimmer doing his annual dance for peace (Courtesy)

Larry Nimmer recently performed his annual New Year’s Dance for Peace.    It can be seen on Nimmer’s YouTube channel at  As he has done for the last 19 years, he danced from his home in Carpinteria to Santa Barbara.   This year’s theme was “Peace in the Middle East”.  72 year old Nimmer danced with a flag that was ½ Israeli and ½ Palestinian.

The dance took 7 hours with stops for refreshments, peace meditations, dance selfies and other mischief.  Nimmer wore one of his Burning Man outfits along with an Arab keffiyeh and a Jewish prayer shawl from his 1964 Bar Mitzvah. He also had a Ukrainian flag in his back pocket.  He danced to music by The Plastic Ono Band.

This was the first year he danced along the new bike trail next to Santa Claus lane as well as dancing through the Rosewood Miramar Beach Hotel.  Past year’s themes have included the Obama Inauguration, the Hamilton musical, the Trump/Biden election and the Coronavirus.  Nimmer is a filmmaker and performance artist.  For more information, contact Larry Nimmer at 805-708-4753.


Written by Larry Nimmer

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