Carbajal Responds to Trump’s Order to Waive Environmental Protections

Source: Office of Rep. Salud Carbajal

Congressman Carbajal issued the following statement on President Donald Trump’s executive order instructing agencies to waive environmental reviews of development projects in light of the current economic downturn:

“It is unnerving that the President is exploiting the COVID-19 crisis to undo decades of bipartisan progress in order to further pollute our public lands, water, and air.

“Waiving requirements for public input and environmental impact assessments does nothing to save our cities, counties, and states from bankruptcy. This order is clearly aimed at giving corporate interests the green light to trample on our public health and environment under the guise of expediting economic recovery.

“The public deserves to have a say in, and knowledge of, the impacts development projects will have on their environment and community. The Central Coast has been impacted by oil spills and other preventable disasters. We know first-hand what happens when environmental impacts are bypassed in pursuit of corporate interests.

“There is no Planet B. Scrapping 50 years of environmental protections to bolster the oil and gas lobby is not worth it and brings us no closer to economic recovery.”


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  1. Salud should be on the rocket to Planet B sitting right next to crazy Nancy!
    Another topic – Salud hope you dont hide during this election like you did in the primary and debate Cadwell. Step up and take the beating we all know you will take…doesnt matter – when you lose the debate you will still be re-elected as the voters in your district have no critical thinking skills. Just sad.

  2. Trump is a slave to the corporate world. He’s sold us out to business and foreign interests. The only type of socialism I’m seeing is the bail out of corporations and being controlled by their special interests. Complete idiocracy.

  3. Thank you, Representative, for your statement, which I believe accurately represents the feelings of the majority of your constituents. Thankfully, as the Washington Post article points out, any actions on this waiver will likely be challenged by other agencies and in courts. I am hoping that 6 months from now you will will be able to focus your leadership on expanding, environmental protections while investing in a cleaner energy economy as we try to recover from this destructive pandemic that has plagued us for almost 4 years.

  4. 100% correct! I have reached out to Salud countless times and he has never, ever, ever returned any of my calls or emails. Just because I disagree with him politically means that he doesn’t have to address my concerns. Thought so.

  5. Salud needs to start thinking for himself and what is best for the rest of us. Blindly following orders from his masters and rubber stamping each and everything without so much of a moment of consideration is not cutting it these days. He’s so transparent that he’s invisible. I wish he would reach out to get some ideas of how to “think outside the box”….that box that he’s in, is boxing us out of our future. Salud, start doing the right thing and listen to your constituents.

  6. Thank you Salud for working hard to protect our environmental future. Without clean air, clean water, clean soil people and business die. Some people think we can’t protect the environment and have jobs at the same time. That is a false dichotomy. Please protect the Carissa Plain from oil, pollution. Not only is it a super bloom location, there are ancient Indian artifacts in there.

  7. Can anyone show me where the Constitution discusses Executive Orders? No? Then why are we even talking about these illegal unconstitutional attempts to increase Executive Authority at the expense of the Judiciary and Legislative Branches?

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