Brush Fire on Castillo Onramp

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By Roger the Scanner Guy

Brush fire off Highway 101 southbound at Castillo Street Off-Ramp.

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a-1621291746 May 17, 2021 03:49 PM
Brush Fire on Castillo Onramp

Paul Casey said it’s very difficult to handle the homelessness all over our freeways because of legal and safety issues just wait a couple more weeks and our town won’t be there they’ll be a bunch of french fries legal and safety come on

CoastWatch May 17, 2021 12:05 PM
Brush Fire on Castillo Onramp

Palisades Fire started by a TRANSIENT/VAGRANT... It's just a matter of time, here on the South Coast- Time to take action against those that don't care about our communities.

Rypert Johnson May 17, 2021 12:55 PM
Brush Fire on Castillo Onramp

Well, CHILLIGRILLIN, the fact that you're here responding is evidence that your comment is 100% correct! Don't start any brush fires now!

sacjon May 17, 2021 01:25 PM
Brush Fire on Castillo Onramp

COAST - what action are you proposing? Do you have a solution for the homeless problem?

Rypert Johnson May 17, 2021 02:03 PM
Brush Fire on Castillo Onramp

SACJON, there is a solution, but it would be TOO revolutionary in scope. Here it is, if you don't mind my proposing it here.
The county needs to establish an area, relatively removed from normal communities, where the "houseless neighbors" can safely camp, kind of a permanent campground.
It would be a place where organizations such as Food Not Bombs, Good Samaritan, Showers Of Blessings and others can set up shop and provide their services to the "houseless neighbors" in the encampment.
Even Eco-Vista can set up a food forest there, as there'd be plenty of fertilizer from the home made bucket toilets so common in homeless encampments!
The only service provided by the county would be trash removal and maybe public restrooms.
Now, here's where it gets rather reolutionary. Empty out the police evidence lockers of al, the crack, meth and heroin and distribute it among those willing to partake in the usage of such drugs.
Of course, in order to qualify to receive the goods, you MUST sign a disclaimer waiver saying that if you OD, there will be no Narcan administered, basically a "DNR" (do not resuscitate) agreement. If an OD occurs, then there's be another county service provided, that would be the coroner.
As for the alcoholic contingent, make 1 liquor store the sole provider for the alcohol demand to those interested.
Many of the "houseless neighbors" receive government checks, the funds from that can be used to pay the certified liquor provider.
There would be no police intervention in the encampment, the residents can do as they please to their heart's content.
Want a better camping spot? Burn down the current camper's belongings. Want to settle a drug debt? Assault the indebted party. Fits of rage from excessive alcohol? Fight it out!
No plice intervention, the "houseless neighbors" can police themselves to make for a better community.
Given the "terminality" of many of the "houseless neighbors" in the area, that is the ONLY solution available. They're terminal, let them live out their lives in what they love doing.
Of course, there are those that would be willing to "rehabilitate" and for them, counselors would be available to provide the needed services to get them fixed up.

sacjon May 17, 2021 02:09 PM
Brush Fire on Castillo Onramp

RYPERT - A couple questions. 1) where you putting your Mad Max camps? 2) are they allowed to leave the camps? 3) why are do you have so much hatred in your heart?

The beginning of your "idea" is actually not bad, but see questions 1 and 2. Once you get to emptying out the police lockers though...... you establish to the world that you are a sick individual.

Lucky 777 May 17, 2021 02:59 PM
Brush Fire on Castillo Onramp

RYPERT I couldn't agree with you more. Give them the El Capitan Campground, add a 7-11 for their alcohol and junk food needs, and post signs on the freeway warning that tourists should avoid the area due to feral animal predation and a "Do not pick up hitch hikers" sign like they have near prisons... The plan was to close El Capitan for remodeling, nah, leave it as is and make it a refugee camp.

sacjon May 17, 2021 03:02 PM
Brush Fire on Castillo Onramp

LUCKY777 - ok, so are these mandatory camps? Are they free to come and go? Why not provide them with healthier food?

Rypert Johnson May 17, 2021 03:32 PM
Brush Fire on Castillo Onramp

SACJON, where? Well, that'd be up to the county. Are they allowed to leave? Absolutely, but they have to have an issued ankle monitor to make sure that any victims of their crimes can be paid restitution.
As for "hatred in my heart" as you imply, wow... Nah, not really shocked, but it's not hatred though. Just pointing out reality and sometimes, reality can be harsh.
Then there's the "sick individual" classification. I'm the guy, 1 of many, who work 40 plus hours per week to make ends meet, have no criminal record, abide by the law, am respectful to my neighbors and community and somehow, some way, according to you, I'm a "sick individual" for merely suggesting/proposing a solution based on the realistic demographic of the "houseless neighbors"?
Well, if that makes me a "sick individual" then I'll gladly accept the title, as it's a title based on airing the ONLY solution that WILL work. What do you have, oh normal one?

Rypert Johnson May 17, 2021 03:35 PM
Brush Fire on Castillo Onramp

LUCKY777, sounds like a good idea! El Capitan could be a good solution in terms of location! I mean, seriously, who'd turn beachfront property down? location, location, LOCATION!
But, I have to correct you on one thing though. It wouldn't be a refugee camp, as these are NOT refugees, other than from their past and bad life decisions.

Roger May 17, 2021 03:41 PM
Brush Fire on Castillo Onramp

No,no,no,no....If your going to give out free drugs you got to give out free alcohol too!

sacjon May 17, 2021 03:44 PM
Brush Fire on Castillo Onramp

RYPERT - "ankle monitor" - yeah, there you go. So you would be detaining these people (by physical boundary or by electronic tracking) regardless of whether they committed a crime, yes? Yes. Homelessness, in and of itself, is not a crime. You call yourself a "law abiding citizen," ok fine. So, you would have no problem wearing an ankle monitor in case you ever commit a crime. Yes? Yes.

"Merely suggesting a solution." No, you have gone to lengths to imagine and announce (hopefully not with your true name) your desire to round up and monitor the homeless population, provide them with hard drugs and alcohol and let them fight/kill each other with no police or any medical intervention. Yeah, you're a real peach there, Rypert. Damn man..... you need help if you think it's the "ONLY solution."

Rypert Johnson May 17, 2021 03:50 PM
Brush Fire on Castillo Onramp

SACJON, no, the camps aren't "mandatory" as you ask, but highly recommened to satisfy the craving for hard drugs and free availability of such.
Are they free to come and go? Of course silly! The ONLY stipulation is they have to wear an ankle monitor to track their whereabouts so that if a crime is committed by them in any area of the county, the proper authories can respond, due process can be followed, the proper legal proceedings can take place and the vistim of the crime can get restitution.
As for the "healthier food" you're asking about, the "houseless neighbors" DON'T want that. Living proof of this fact is Food Not Bombs Isla Vista has a feeding schedule where they provide home cooked vegan meals to the "houseless neighbors" in People's Park.
I admire their moxy, they prep the food, drive to the location, set up the table and feed them, but there's only one problem... the "houseless neighbors" DON'T eat it.
When they have peanut butter and jelly days, sure, they come out, grab a couple of sandwiches and retire to their tents or tarps, but those vegan meals... no dice baby!
Another thing I've seen there. Recently, there was a food distribution for the People's Park tent city. They were given packaged tofu and containers of yogurt. Well, my friend, all those things ended up strewn about the Embarcadero Hall and in or around the garbage dumpster. So much for the "food insecurity" that Food Not Bombs Isla Vista, Bonfire Collective and Eco-Vista keep going on about. It simply DOESN'T exist.
Want to know what you see a lot of around the tent city? Lots of fast food packaging. McDonalds from Marketplace Plaza, Domino's Pizza, Hamburger Habit, Taco Bell from Old Town Goleta and more. You name it, the wrappers are strewn about the tent city, just like all the used syringes.

Rypert Johnson May 17, 2021 03:54 PM
Brush Fire on Castillo Onramp

SACJON, you are such a Negative Nelly! All these awesome suggestions and proposals and you keep naysaying! How can any progress on the matter occur?
But the ankle monitor thing. Hey, if the county would like to monitor my movements, I'd be glad to let them, as they don't involve visits to the local heroin or meth dealer, stealing property in the areas near or far from where I live or raping people, such as recently happened in the People's Park tent city.

sacjon May 17, 2021 03:55 PM
Brush Fire on Castillo Onramp

RYPERT - how would you go about removing the 4th Amendment due process rights of those who choose to go to your concentration camps by requiring the monitors in the first place? Waivers? Will you provide them with legal aid to explain to them the rights you propose to take away from them? Also, why can't the police respond to their crimes per the usual way? You know, someone calls 911? Your disgusting "plan" is sounding very expensive. Not sure I want to pay for it.

Rypert Johnson May 17, 2021 03:55 PM
Brush Fire on Castillo Onramp

Roger, I did include alcohol, but they have to pay for it from their SSDI or stimulus checks. If it comes out of some distributor's legally purchased and licensed stock, it must therefore be paid for! Sorry man, just trying to be fair to all parties involved!

Rypert Johnson May 17, 2021 04:03 PM
Brush Fire on Castillo Onramp

SACJON, you already ARE paying for it, through a legal system that allows them to run free after committing crimes and all the fire calls the fire department has to respond to.
Think of it this way, if they police themselves in their own encampments, no need for the legal system to handle anything. As for the fires, we can provide them with extinguisers and hoses. Pays for itself already and cheaper than we already have. Think about it!

sacjon May 17, 2021 04:10 PM
Brush Fire on Castillo Onramp

RYPERT - OK, so you and LUCKY and probably Coastwatch are all willing to give up your rights and wear ankle monitors, along with those you plan to lure away from town with drugs and alcohol and a 7-11. Got it. So, are you also willing to decline any medical or police intervention? You see, it's one thing to dehumanize others, but if your willing to dehumanize yourself as part of the process, maybe you're on to something.....

bumblebee May 17, 2021 04:25 PM
Brush Fire on Castillo Onramp

"Homeless, in and of itself, is not a crime." However, the behavior that is indulged is a crime and that is the problem.

sacjon May 17, 2021 04:30 PM
Brush Fire on Castillo Onramp

BUMBLEBEE - uh... yeah. If you break the law while homeless, you are committing a crime. Same goes for if you break the law while living in your home. Or, are you trying to say that ALL homeless people commit crimes and are therefore criminals?

Rypert Johnson May 17, 2021 04:32 PM
Brush Fire on Castillo Onramp

SACJON, we HAVE already dehumanized ourselves, you included. By allowing this occupying force to come into our communities and wreak the havoc they've unleashed, we're either dehumanized or debased, pick your poison.
We're allowing the destruction of this area from people from OUTSIDE the area, if that's not an occupying force, well...
I know, I know, next thing you're going to unleash is that I'm "demonizing the poor homeless" and such. Sorry my friend, I'm not the one carrying out what they do, they are, therefore demonizing themselves. Yes, it's that simple.
Face it, we don't agree, that's all good, but the difference is I offered a solution, you didn't. All you did was spend your time calling me a "sick individual" and claiming that I "have hatred in my heart" as well as calling the suggested plan disgusting and assorted other forays into negativity.
I admit, I called you a "Negative Nelly" and for that, please accept I was just teasing, but whatever, I said what I said and that's what it is, in the words of Mr. Crowder, "Change my mind."
But you want to know what's more "disgusting" than my proposed plan? The young lady some of the male tent city dwellers are using and passing around like a doll for their enjoyment.
Ask her what's more disgusting, my plan or the treatment she's forced to endure from those you're protecting. Facts are facts, just here to share those.

sacjon May 17, 2021 04:35 PM
Brush Fire on Castillo Onramp

RYPERT - again, are you going to give up your rights to police and medical care? Yes or no.

Rypert Johnson May 17, 2021 04:57 PM
Brush Fire on Castillo Onramp

A-1621294533, if you're allowed to come and go, that's not much of a concentration camp, just a holiday from communities. Big difference.
But, you are right, a sick individual would propose concentration camps, a sicker individual allows the "houseless neighbors" to continue on their path of destruction.

Rypert Johnson May 17, 2021 05:04 PM
Brush Fire on Castillo Onramp

SACJON, my apologies, I forgot to mention Doctors Without Walls, they can set up shop in the encampment as well. If there is a naturally occuring medical emergency or caare, sure, why not let them have it as well? Except... NO RESUSCITATION FROM OD'S! I hoipe that clears that up.
As for "giving up my rights" as you're implying, my humble assumption is you're basing that on tracking me. Uh,m big fella, if you have a cellphone, you ARE already tracked.
If you have social media, you ARE already tracked. The fact we're posting here, we ARE already tracked.
But the truth to the matter is, If I'm not breaking any laws (robbery, burglary, theft, assault, rape, arson, murder), why would I care if they're "tracking" me?
I wake up, get ready for work, go to work, do my job, get out of work, go to the gym or on a bike ride, maybe surf, come home, relax and start all over again. If ANY of that is illegal... ARREST ME.

sacjon May 17, 2021 05:12 PM
Brush Fire on Castillo Onramp

RYPERT - you will decline any medical care if you accidentally OD get injured in an attack or police response if someone tries to steal your belongings? Yes or no? You want to put other human beings in this kind of situation so just making sure you are ok with doing it yourself. YES OR NO. Come on quit stalling....

Roger May 17, 2021 05:24 PM
Brush Fire on Castillo Onramp

That's not fair alcohol is a drug too it will kill you it should be FREEFREEFREE!!!

Roger May 17, 2021 05:27 PM
Brush Fire on Castillo Onramp

If they all camped at Elings park the neighbors could serve lemonaide and hot dogs..

Rypert Johnson May 17, 2021 05:27 PM
Brush Fire on Castillo Onramp

SACJON's questions, my answers:

"you will decline any medical care if you accidentally OD get injured in an attack or police response if someone tries to steal your belongings?"

1) Decline medical care for an OD or if attacked:

If I was a "houseless neighbor" then the answer is no, because I want to live another day to get a higher high than the day before.

2) Decline police help if belongings stolen:

If I was a "houseless neighbor" then yes, because "houseless neighbors" don't snitch or rat others of their ilk out and besides, it was probably deserved from a drug debt. Another thing I have to add, those that'd be heloing int he encampment effort, Food Not Bombs and Bonfire Collective, they HATE the police. They're abolitionists and such, so in order to appease the hand that feeds, yes, I'd have to turn the police help away.

But since I'm not a houseless neighbor, my choices would be completely different. I hope that answers your questions sufficiently.

sacjon May 17, 2021 05:32 PM
Brush Fire on Castillo Onramp

RYPERT - No, if you were YOU. You're intentionally dodging my points. If you wouldn't waive your rights and decline medical and police protection, why should the homeless people in your camps do so? The answer is simple. You want to treat them as subhumans simply because some of them are criminals. You're a bad person, and we all know that now. Please don't have children.

Rypert Johnson May 17, 2021 05:47 PM
Brush Fire on Castillo Onramp

SACJON, as for myself, let me answer in a way you may, or may not, understand. In the case of an intentional OD, would I decline medical attention? YES! Because honestly, that wwould mean I have a problem I won't fix. As for an "accidental" OD, the answer is still yes, as the recovery would probably lead to other health issues and I could become a burden on the system, should I go into a coma or something. Yes, I'd decline.
In the case of being attacked, well, no, I wouldn't deny medical care and the reason for that is so I can heal and go after the guilty party on my own means, but if the injuries led to being in a coma... pull the plug, nobody's ever the same after that.
As for police intervention if stuff got stolen, of course I would have to cops on it! In fact, I'll help them every step of the way!
I hope that answers your question and my apologies for seeming like I was dodging anything, just wasn't sure how you wanted that answered.

sacjon May 17, 2021 05:50 PM
Brush Fire on Castillo Onramp

RYPERT - so why do the homeless people in your perverse camps not get medical or police services?

fitz May 17, 2021 12:15 PM
Brush Fire on Castillo Onramp

Drove through SB yesterday heading north. What's with all the tents on the freeway near Castillo? I must have seen 20 tents right on the freeway easement. kind of 3 large encampments. Where do they poop? pee? This is really gross and not much fun for those who have to put out the nightly fires. Why does Caltrans allow this? Why does the City allow this? Ventura doesn't have this in the middle of their city. Can't SB learn from cities where this isn't tolerated? Zero tolerance is needed before SB has a major urban fire.

Rypert Johnson May 17, 2021 12:38 PM
Brush Fire on Castillo Onramp

FITZ, Santa Barbara will NEVER learn because it was Santa Barbara's Homeless Inc. and the poverty pimps that rolled out the red carpet!
Remember that "homeless wellness assessment" survey done sometime back around 2013 or so? Where's the results of that? SUPPRESSED!
Want to know why? Because if the results of that survey/assessment were released, it would be evident that the majority of the "houseless neighbors" in the area claiming to be locals are NOT locals!
They were shuttled here from other areas and Homeless Inc. and the poverty pimps welcomed them with open arms.
By the way, the ranks of Homeless Inc. goes WAY up the ladder and to many levels in city and county government.

sacjon May 17, 2021 01:27 PM
Brush Fire on Castillo Onramp

RYPERT - is "Homeless, Inc" a real thing? I couldn't find anything about this organization.

Rypert Johnson May 17, 2021 01:50 PM
Brush Fire on Castillo Onramp

SACJON, LOL! No man, it's not a "real" corporation, but it might as well be. The term "Homeless Inc." is something that was coined a while back when it became apparent that there were individuals, some in city & county government, who were profiting from bringing the "houseless neighbors" to the area.
The profits came in the form of donations from the public and grants from the state in the form of taxpayer money.
Meanwhile, the plight and condition, given all the money and other assets thrown in that direction, it stays the same or has gotten WORSE.
On top of that, some of the Homeless Inc. organizations such as Food Not Bombs Isla Vista, Bonfire Collective and a couple of others, they want to keep things like the tent city in People's Park there PERMANENTLY.
They even had this one guy, JR, say "I'm not homeless, tis is my home!" to gain sympathy for their cause. That comment was so mocked!
In any case, look into the organizations "providing for the houseless neighbors" (aside from those I mentioned), get some of the names in charge then look in a certain local publications to see their smiling faces attending gala events to garner more support for their cause. That, my friend, is Homeless Inc.

Rypert Johnson May 17, 2021 12:31 PM
Brush Fire on Castillo Onramp

This is becoming all too normal these days and that's the problem... TOO NORMAL! This is ANYTHING but NORMAL! When are people going to realize that rolling out the red carpet out to the "houseless neighbors" is a huge mistake?
Of course, there's money and glory to be made from the plight of the "houseless neighbors" by Homeless Inc. and the poverty pimps.
FAce it folks, these homeless that keep showing up in the Isla Vista/ Goleta/Santa Barbara area, they're NOT locals for the most part. They're from other areas and were diverted here through certain means.
Meanwhile, the do-gooder organizations keep insisting we allow them to camp put in our parks and such PERMANENTLY!
By the way, I have to add that some of these do-gooder groups, they have a hatred toward "established persons" because apparently, holding a job, owning a home, paying your bills and abiding by laws is bad while doing meth and heroin, committing crimes and setting fires that endanger the community is good.
A lot of these "houseless neighbors" in the area, they didn't lose their homes to wage inequality, corporate greed, the rising cost of housing or CoVid. Many decided that the rush of meth or heroin was better than the boring amenities of regular life and in the process burned every bridge behind them to where family oir friends just want NOTHING to do with them.
Sorry to be the bearer of real news, but these are the facts behind many of the "houseless neighbors" and yes, while there are some instances of mental illness in some cases, they get provided for.
Have any of you folks heard of "The Lofts" here in Isla Vista? It's a $10,000,000 housing complex for mentally ill homeless folks and there's many of them living there. We paid for it and of this, I am proud.
But coddling these firebugs high on meth or heroin? No, this is NOTHING to be proud of in any way whatsoever! ENOUGH!

Rypert Johnson May 17, 2021 12:52 PM
Brush Fire on Castillo Onramp

CHILLINGRILLIN, I tried to fins a "HAHA" or smile emoji here, but Edhat doesn't offer those. In any case... LOLOL! Don't set any brush fires now!

3P14159 May 17, 2021 03:01 PM
Brush Fire on Castillo Onramp

santa barbara's attitude towards the homeless is patronizing ! people seem to need to always be patting themselves on the back !

when will it be the TAXPAYERS that matter ?


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