Fire Near Hot Springs Road Exit of Highway 101

By Tagdes

VEGETATION FIRE 101 @ CABRILLO. City Fire on the Scene.

It’s under control. Cancelling additional engines. Fire called it Cabrillo because it’s the Caltrans and City designation for that intersection. Also the Caltrans camera is adjacent that location.


By an edhat reader

There is a small fire near the Hot Springs Road exit of Highway 101, as we are observing from up the hill.

White smoke with a bit of gray, so we think the fire department is on it.


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  1. This is completely and totally unacceptable! Why can people just live next to the freeway? If they burn down half the town will they pay for the damage? What the heck is this city doing? This is getting completely out of control and has been for a long time. So long people are just starting to say it’s normal. This is not how society is supposed to work.

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