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  1. Half of US urban land is paved over for private automobiles. Propose a bike path and all of a sudden every tree becomes sacred?
    Even if you never ride a bicycle, you benefit from the thousands of us who ride a bicycle instead of driving a car.
    Yes, we should protect trees as much as possible. But can we also protect members of our community who generously bike instead of drive?

  2. Had to go to SB proper for an appointment.
    From there I usually go Las Positas through Modoc to Hollister just because.
    What I noticed was a very nice bike path 2 lanes wide apart from the road with a dedicated bike path on both sides of roadway.
    That changed about halfway there and the row of palms that look so cool only had what looked like a dirt path.
    Whatever is planned will happen but it seems they could add base and put 2 lanes of bike path in as someone else said.
    That run used to be part of the “Bike For Life” series of the 70’s.
    What a pain to remove all those trees.
    I would ask if the city is selling them to someone?
    Wouldn’t be the first time.

  3. For our people who are hopelessly addicted to their motor vehicles, we are facing several crises as a result of these dependencies. Of course, the first is global warming. Bicyclists do not contribute significantly to global warming. The second is general public health, where car drivers likely do not significantly often get physical exercise. Look at how much of the environment has been altered so that these cars can move around; that land grew food formerly and used up carbon dioxide, the main cause of global warming. Many drivers don’t care about behaviors that also increase carbon pollution, such as speeding on the freeway in their high-profile SUVs. We cannot use technology to solve our climate problems. We can look at native American people and see that they were respectful of their part in nature and did not do things that upset the balance of nature. All motorists should support bicyclists and bike paths. This is the least that motorists unwilling to ride themselves can do.

  4. There is a need to create a real bike path there. The current path is poor. If we cannot do it for a reasonable amount of money without removing the palms then they must go. Rip em out, build it, and let the bicyclists have a safe pathway that connects large already existing paths in Goleta and SB.

  5. Found my own answer:
    Via the: Bicycle Coalition for the Social Equity and Decision Making team
    “Most cyclists were adults (93 percent), male (74 percent), white (92 percent), and wearing helmets (88 percent) (see Table). Non-use of helmets was associated with wearing street clothing, being a person of color, being male, and riding non-electric bicycles. Forty-five percent of the cyclists were commuters (about 250 commuters per 24 hour)”
    This survey was specific to the bike path from Los Positas Modoc area to UCSB area.

  6. Where’s the Santa Barbara Land Trust in all of this? Isn’t the Modoc Preserve (including its trees) supposed to be kept free from development? ( ————————- ” . . .the Water Company in 1999 granted a conservation easement to the Land Trust, to keep this land open and undeveloped for community benefit. The Water Company retains the right to build facilities like water wells, pipelines and access roads, and otherwise the land will remain as open space.’ ———-Removing mature trees is NOT beneficial to the community, be it ONLY 10 mature Canary Island Date palms and various other tree species.

  7. Oh Edney, who cares what the current racial makeup of bikers is? And from what source ? I’m not even going to try and quote or google that one. I think you fabricated that. It’s all good. The point is we need more people riding bikes for whatever they’re doing in society – commuting, errands, appointments, recreation, whatever.

  8. Convert the bridal path into the bike path and then lay a new bridal path for the horses.
    Now is a time when “we need” to “add” more trees, not remove mature trees…remember when the Eucalyptus were removed at the Monarch Grove resulting in a catastrophic monarch population loss. Those palm trees are used by birds which help manage pest populations… remove the trees and you increase pest problems as well as increase the area temperature resulting in increase water evaporation.

  9. Thanks for this pithy moment. The bike path folks are pushing their agenda without let up, using grants and very below the radar meetings to create a de facto result. By the time the public sees the posted signs and tree removal it is too late. Look at the removal of the aged Jacaranda trees on Mission at 101 for the purpose of a very short bicycle connector. The trees on Modoc hold the possibility of a very dramatic infrastructure. We can only hope that what is being done will be a visual and environmental boon for the great majority of the community that has no interest in bicycle riding.

  10. As a bicyclist who has frequently pedaled the Modoc route — and been scared! — I firmly support a class 1 bike path there. As a card-carrying tree-hugger, I resist the destruction of trees for any reason. What a dilemma!
    The palm trees, at least, can be moved, as they have shallow roots, and readily survive transplantation.
    On balance one must support the class 1 bike path …
    … but how about replacing each mature tree that must be removed with a comparable-or-better specimen elsewhere in the city? That would at least maintain the long-term carbon-sink balance ….

  11. Referring to the trees (in Fangorn Forest): “Rip them all down.” – Saruman in Lord of the Rings – His plan as well with Sauron’s approval Bike Paths and Hotels. (Peter Jackson wanted to make a point on that about SB in LOTR, but he decided to leave that part out in the film due to the fact he just might be banned from the Santa Barbara Film Festival for life in the near future).

  12. There’s no need to panic. They are not removing all the Canary Palms, the report says 10 of the 47 palms. Sounds like the bike path will be beside the palm trees through most of the open space.
    We can’t build enough roads to keep up with car demands. At some point more people will need to use alternative transportation and bicycle riding is one choice. It’s great to see the infrastructure going in now.
    More people will ride bikes when they feel safer and don’t have to compete with cars.

  13. Some folks do not like my sense of humor on edhat with some of my comments. The more arrows down on my comments, the happier I am. Means that I am doing a pretty good job striking some SB nerves. “Go ahead. Make my day”. – “Dirty” Harry Inspector Callahan, SFPD –

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