Big Surf and Storm Damage

Readers share photos and reports of dangerous surf and damage from the recent storm. (scroll above)

By Tom Modugno

Took a quick look at Goleta Beach Thursday morning. Here’s what I saw (scroll above and see below). Luckily the tides were not as high as last week. Big unorganized surf and the slough was flowing nice and strong.

What you can’t see is the sewage stench that filled the air at the west end of the parking lot. There was a crew there working on something. 

By Stargazer Ron

Big Surf at Campus Point. 
In the afternoon on January 5, 2023. 
“Oh Lord, look at those waves!”
They dwarf the brave surfers who meet the challenge.

By Steve Bissell

Woke up [Thursday] to the local jungle drums echoing through the neighborhood…”THE SURF IS UP” and man was it! Went right down to the pier, nabbed a few shots of some brave tourists about to check out early just to to get a real close-encounter with this huge surf. As usual, the joke was on me.

Right after I shot them about to be soaked and croaked, I was blasted and me and my precious nikons had to get off the pier before I washed into the sea. Well tomorrow they are calling for MORE of the same-see you there!

By Pam

Waves crashing at Butterfly beach. Careful when walking by the beach, big waves are crashing. 

By Montecito Fire Department

As you return home, please be aware of loose and falling rocks, minor landslides, wet road conditions, down trees and lines. Montecito firefighters are patrolling the community & mitigating incidents. Be cautious & remain vigilant of potentially hazardous conditions.

Edhat Staff

Written by Edhat Staff

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