Bicycle & Pedestrian Traffic Sting on Saturday

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Source: Santa Barbara Police Department

The Santa Barbara Police Department will be stepping up Bike & Pedestrian Safety Enforcement Operations on Saturday, June 3, 2017. The focused enforcement will be specifically directed to collision causing factors involving motorists, pedestrians and bicyclists. 

Bicycle and pedestrian fatalities are rising in California as more people use these non-motorized means of transportation.  Locally, the Santa Barbara Police Department has investigated 5 fatal and 553 injury collisions involving pedestrians and bicyclists during the past three (3) years. In 2013, California reported 701 pedestrian and 141 bicyclists killed due to collisions.  This accounted for more than 28 percent of all traffic fatalities in the state for that year.  

In an effort to help reduce these numbers, the Santa Barbara Police Department has mapped out locations where pedestrian and bike collisions have occurred more frequently over the past 3 years.  This information includes what type of violations caused or led to those crashes.  Extra Officers will be on duty patrolling the areas where bike and pedestrian traffic has been shown to frequent, in conjunction with the locations where higher numbers of crashes occur.  This is all in an effort to help lower deaths and injuries from these type of collisions.  

Officers will be looking to take enforcement action on violations made by drivers, bike riders and pedestrians alike which regularly lead to life altering injuries or death.  Special attention will be directed toward drivers speeding, making illegal turns, failing to stop for signs and signals, failing to yield to pedestrians in cross walks and any other related dangerous violations.

Additionally, enforcement will be taken for observed violations when pedestrians cross the street illegally or fail to yield to drivers who have the right of way.  Bicycle riders will also be stopped and enforcement action will be taken when they fail to follow the same traffic laws which govern all motorists.  These laws also apply to all bicycles traveling on the roadway. 

The Santa Barbara Police Department wants to remind all pedestrians that they should cross the street only in marked crosswalks or at corners, and to look both ways before crossing.  In addition all bicycle riders should always wear a helmet for their safety and those under 18 years of age must wear helmets by law.  

Funding for this program is provided by a grant from the California Office of Traffic Safety through the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

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Lynnie Jun 01, 2017 12:00 PM
Bicycle & Pedestrian Traffic Sting on Saturday

as a walker - in the crosswalks with a green light - I have multi times ALMOST been hit ! Drivers just don't pay attention. Walkers must always be on the look out - do not assume they see you or will stop.
Am glad it has been noted by the city police dept. thank you!

ginger1 Jun 01, 2017 02:22 PM
Bicycle & Pedestrian Traffic Sting on Saturday

Except the majority of accidents happen on weekdays, when people are using their feet and their bikes to get to and from school and work. The SBPD has no usable statistics on the extent of the problem because they only keep records of accidents yielding a police report. That might represent but a small fraction of the total number of injury accidents and zero percent of "oh my god I almost got killed!".

Surely bikers and pedestrians sometimes behave badly, but have you paid attention to the number of cars that run red lights, don't stop before turning right, drivers on the phone/texting, and....and..... every day. All day long. SBPD doing something about that? That rhetorical. The answer is NO.

a-1496370625 Jun 01, 2017 07:30 PM
Bicycle & Pedestrian Traffic Sting on Saturday

Not sure where they'll be; Edhat readers and community members understand how these work,

to do it on the day of a march; a protest, is misguided and counterproductive; the day will not reflect weekend reality, let alone work-day reality. Bad choice.
(See March for Truth. It will be large and nationwide.)

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