Assault with Deadly Weapon at Dwight Murphy Field

By Scanner Andrew

Police are responding to a man that assaulted a victim with a wooden stick at Dwight Murphy Field near the Zoo.


Written by ScannerAndrew

ScannerAndrew is a volunteer reporter who shares information from emergency scanner traffic and details from the scene of incidents.

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  1. Babycakes, there are help wanted signs up all over this town – there are jobs for young people. There is a huge and expensive safety net supported by both public and private dollars. Community college all over this state have open doors and fee waivers for low-income students ,plenty of scholarships, work-study programs and grants with short or long training programs for ready job needs. Why would anyone be bleak about their future with that much opportunity open to them right here and right now? Maybe the climate extinction crowd needs to dial back their imminent doom and gloom war cries if this is what makes them feel they have no future. I suggest they have no imagination or reality checks – they have a future once they take the first steps to open the door to it.

  2. BYZ – some people are “bleak about their future” as they are too lazy to get up and open the door leading to their future. It’s something they have to “work” towards. Easier to lay around and wait for the monthly check. They will worry about their future manana.

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