Assault at La Cumbre Plaza

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By Scanner Andrew

Battery on Store Employee at La Cumbre Plaza, Report of a subject hitting employees at La Cumbre Plaza.

By Roger the Scanner Guy

242pc 3800 Block of State Street LaCumbre Plaza subject attacking employees of a Games and Toy Store SBPD Responding code 3 lights and sirens.

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chico berkeley Jul 03, 2021 01:10 PM
Assault at La Cumbre Plaza

ED- I wasn't kidding about Cuyama.Juat drove thru there yesterday and it is perfect for that use.
All the carrots you can eat.
No liquor stores and a long way to town either way.
If we keep coddling the transient-homeless addicted people that DO show up from other places in the country,it becomes "a self licking ice cream cone",where more is better for the businesses that are payed with our taxes to keep homelessness a business that then allows them to make a living in SB and afford to stay here themselves, while the rest of the county has to suffer from the homeless that are now "indigenous".

chico berkeley Jul 03, 2021 11:14 AM
Assault at La Cumbre Plaza

I keep saying "make cuyama great again".
Would be a great place for them.
But then their handlers would have to live there as well,and they just would not.
Still affordable places in the county.

Rypert Johnson Jul 03, 2021 06:09 AM
Assault at La Cumbre Plaza

Can our law enforcement PLEASE start arresting and jailing criminals, regardless of their housing status? PLEASE end the "protected species" entitlement assigned to the "houseless neighbors" that cause problems? PLEASE stop w/ the typical house prices, race, economics, mental illness, ptsd and assorted other excuses used to defend the criminal behavior by our "houseless neighbors" and begin calling acts such as this what they are, CRIMES? If you can PLEASE do that, it would be great!

JB86 Jul 03, 2021 03:10 AM
Assault at La Cumbre Plaza

Not to worry, just a homeless issue. Happens all the time. Nothing to see here.

d8vanilla Jul 02, 2021 09:14 PM
Assault at La Cumbre Plaza

And, they wanna put the homeless in the old Sears building !!!??? It would ruin all the businesses....

Rypert Johnson Jul 03, 2021 07:15 PM
Assault at La Cumbre Plaza

D8VANILLA, that's exactly what certain anarchist groups that support the "houseless neighbors" want, to ruin all the businesses. That's what they wanted to do here in Isla Vista by wanting to keep the encampment in People's Park going. The "houseless neighbors unleashed a crime wave that affected local businesses and the organizations supporting the "houseless neighbors" said that didn't matter, it wasn't important.

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