Assault at La Cumbre Plaza

By Scanner Andrew

Battery on Store Employee at La Cumbre Plaza, Report of a subject hitting employees at La Cumbre Plaza.

By Roger the Scanner Guy

242pc 3800 Block of State Street LaCumbre Plaza subject attacking employees of a Games and Toy Store SBPD Responding code 3 lights and sirens.


Written by Roger

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  1. Can our law enforcement PLEASE start arresting and jailing criminals, regardless of their housing status? PLEASE end the “protected species” entitlement assigned to the “houseless neighbors” that cause problems? PLEASE stop w/ the typical house prices, race, economics, mental illness, ptsd and assorted other excuses used to defend the criminal behavior by our “houseless neighbors” and begin calling acts such as this what they are, CRIMES? If you can PLEASE do that, it would be great!

  2. D8VANILLA, that’s exactly what certain anarchist groups that support the “houseless neighbors” want, to ruin all the businesses. That’s what they wanted to do here in Isla Vista by wanting to keep the encampment in People’s Park going. The “houseless neighbors unleashed a crime wave that affected local businesses and the organizations supporting the “houseless neighbors” said that didn’t matter, it wasn’t important.

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