Armed robbery at Costco marketplace.

Sheriffs are investigating a report of an armed robbery behind Costco at marketplace. Two suspects, one armed with a handgun, robbed a person, taking $200 in cash, and fled toward Girsh Park.


Written by JB86

"JB86" is a volunteer scanner reporter who posts information heard over the emergency scanner traffic.

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  1. Why don’t they immediate give the public a description of the perpetrator? Obviously the victim has that info. This would be helpful. But when you have nothing to lose and no consequences for your actions, this stuff happens.

  2. Gov Newsome bragged the state has $78 billion budget surplus. Build more jails is the answer to jail over-crowding. You get a twofer for this one. Money well spent. Clean up the trespasser camps and keep the crooks off the streets – Calif has the money. Just do it.

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