Answering Questions About COVID-19 Vaccinations

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Source: Public Health Department

Need to Schedule Your Second COVID-19 Vaccination Shot?

If you recently received your first COVID-19 vaccine shot, and you did not make a second vaccination appointment, you'll be notified by the provider where you received your first shot, within 1-2 weeks regarding your second appointment. 

Appointments are full: When can I get my COVID-19 Vaccination Shot?

If you have contacted your medical provider for a vaccination and tried to sign up online for a vaccination appointment, you may have been told there is no vaccine available at this time. As soon as more vaccine is available, more appointments will be offered and you will be notified via email.
If you tried to sign up online for a vaccination appointment and were told that appointments are full, you will need to check back for an appointment and register your request again online as information is not saved. 

Coming Soon: Governor's New Vaccination Scheduling Website

While COVID-19 vaccine supply is still limited, California is prioritizing vaccines for specific groups based on exposure risks, health risks, and health equity. is where you can find out if it's your turn to get vaccinated and schedule vaccination appointments. If it isn't your turn yet, you can register to be notified when you become eligible.

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