Air Force Vetting Vandenberg Base for US Space Command Headquarters

Air Force Vetting Vandenberg Base for US Space Command Headquarters title=
Entrance to Vandenberg Air Force Base (file photo)
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Source: Regional Economic Action Coalition (REACH)

The U.S. Air Force will begin formally evaluating Vandenberg Air Force Base as the future permanent headquarters for the U.S. Space Command. The base has met the screening criteria required to move into the next phase, Air Force leadership informed base officials this week. 

Vandenberg’s candidacy has garnered broad support by local and state officials — a central factor in the decision — with about a dozen letters of support from Central Coast cities and counties, Gov. Newsom, U.S. Congressman Salud Carbajal, Assemblyman Jordan Cunningham, and a regional coalition of education and business groups organized by REACH.

“Vandenberg is already a key strategic asset in the nation’s space infrastructure,” REACH Vice President Andrew Hackleman said. “It also boasts the capacity and regional resources to expand its mission significantly in both national defense and commercial operations, making it the foremost candidate for Space Command headquarters.”

The Air Force expects to make a decision by early 2021, with construction expected to take six years. The future headquarters will host approximately 1,400 military and civilian personnel. 

REACH is advocating for the selection of Vandenberg as Space Command headquarters as part of our larger initiative to grow commercial space activity at the base and surrounding range. Hosting the headquarters would bolster efforts to attract commercial enterprises and jobs to the region.

“These are the jobs of the future: high-paying careers in advanced manufacturing and STEM-related fields, and being home to the Space Command would further our efforts to establish a thriving spaceport at Vandenberg,” Hackleman said.

Carbajal and the Governor’s Office of Business and Economic Development (GO-Biz) are leading the headquarters effort at the federal and state level.

“California leads the nation in aerospace engineering and innovation. Moreover, the Central Coast is home to two world-class universities which produce 9,000 STEM graduates every year. Our community is uniquely positioned to offer United States Space Command an unparalleled talent pool for defending our national interests in space,” Carbajal said. “As the prime West Coast launch site for the Department of Defense and NASA, and home of the Combined Space Operations Center, Vandenberg is the premiere choice for USSPACECOM headquarters.”

“By placing the U.S. Space Command in California, the Department of Defense would be able to leverage the most innovative, creative, collaborative and inclusive part of these United States,” said Kaina Pereira, senior advisor for business development and international trade at GO-Biz. “California has and will continue to be a place where ideas take shape, forging the future of aerospace and defense.”

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mp805 Aug 03, 2020 04:31 PM
Air Force Vetting Vandenberg Base for US Space Command Headquarters

yawn, do you want me to walk you through the others as well...Bill English and Douglas Engelbart share credit for creating the first computer mouse in 1963; English built the initial prototype, and was its first user, based on Engelbart's notes. English led a 1965 project, sponsored by NASA, which evaluated the best way to select a point on a computer display; the mouse was the winner.... Youre right about the LED and Freeze dried foods but NASA have sponsered funding and developed them further to benefit us...etc etc etc

a-1596495053 Aug 03, 2020 03:50 PM
Air Force Vetting Vandenberg Base for US Space Command Headquarters

Ha another space cadet thinks that any modern tech came from the space program. Freeze dried food, first sold in 1920's. LED were invented as an incandescent light bulb replacement with no help from NASA. Baby formula predates even airplanes. The computer mouse had nothing to do with the space program. ect ect ect

mp805 Aug 03, 2020 01:54 PM
Air Force Vetting Vandenberg Base for US Space Command Headquarters

Camera Phones, LED, Land Mind Removal, dust busters, water purification systems, ear thermometers, home insulation, jaws of life, wireless headsets, memory foam, freeze dried food, adjustable smoke detector, baby formula, artificial limbs, computer mouse, portable computer, scratch resistant lenses, insulin pump, firefighting equipment, CAT Scans, air purifiers,

Babycakes Aug 01, 2020 11:58 AM
Air Force Vetting Vandenberg Base for US Space Command Headquarters

The Space Command was planned long-long ago (late least publicly). I don't know how anyone could really believe that this was dreamed up in the past few years. If it ends up in Lompoc, it will be a huge benefit to their economy. Lompoc was preparing to become the West Coast launching area for the space shuttle, until the disaster early 1986. Lompoc wins, Santa Barbara country wins, and so does the rest of the country and world.

MessyJessy Aug 01, 2020 09:39 AM
Air Force Vetting Vandenberg Base for US Space Command Headquarters

Maybe I am misunderstanding but I thought space was similar to “international waters”... as in it’s not really for countries to take over? Plus with satellite controlled missiles and what not don’t we already sort of have space warfare?

m-cubed Aug 01, 2020 07:45 AM
Air Force Vetting Vandenberg Base for US Space Command Headquarters

i think having space command HQ at Vandenberg would be kinda cool. Other countries are setting up space-based warfare. China and India fring anti-satellite missilies. Russia sending a mini space station. We're going to have to be up there one way or another.

RHS Aug 01, 2020 11:36 AM
Air Force Vetting Vandenberg Base for US Space Command Headquarters

We don't have to be "up there" in a military presence. Space WAS to be weapons free but with the fascist in the White House we have abandoned that idea. Better to have the world stand up to those who do these things than to be part of the problem and militarize another arena for humans to do evil.

yacht rocked Jul 31, 2020 03:32 PM
Air Force Vetting Vandenberg Base for US Space Command Headquarters

That 1,400 base personnel will become 14,000 within two decades. Lompoc's flower and farm fields will be housing. Traffic will be very different than today, both on the ground and in the air. The HQ role will expand as components of the "Space Force" and allied air groups of the other military branches jockey to be based out of the Space Force HQ. So there's good and bad too.

a-1596488004 Aug 03, 2020 01:53 PM
Air Force Vetting Vandenberg Base for US Space Command Headquarters

Playing games with "per pupil spending: in fact it is $20,000 per student in California, not $12,000 that the teacher unions claim and cite in their industry publications. Unions need get better with their math since there is available public data. From the Calif Policy Center: ..."Pulling this all together offers an interesting counterpoint to the popular $12,143 per student meme that’s making the rounds. In reality, total spending, adding Prop. 98 funds and other funds from the governor’s budget, along with the state’s CalSTRS payment and payment on school bond debt, can be estimated to be around $137.6 billion, which equates to $20,642 per pupil...." LAUSD recently confirmed this much higher amount. $12,000 per Calif student and its nationwide ranking is simply flawed data for a teachers union political agenda.

a-1596485378 Aug 03, 2020 01:09 PM
Air Force Vetting Vandenberg Base for US Space Command Headquarters

PITMIX, voters passed Prop 98 shortly after Prop 13 to ensure public education automatically gets the largest share (50%) of the state's general revenues. So if K12 wants more money, who will they be taking it from. Hard to compare per pupil spending when some states have a lot of undocumented students (open borders and sanctuary cities) and others to not. The per pupil spending is more diluted so this does not make a valid or consistent measurement. You are demanding more money for K-12 and claim, without evidence, more money is the only way to get better student outcomes, but Gov Brown's bold experiment in Local Control Funding ended up proving just the opposite. There was no student improved demonstrated after receiving the additional funding - in fact what Gov Brown learned is all the money went directly to the teachers unions and not for any remedial programing to boost student scores. Wish the only response from the teachers unions was not always the exact same thing: we need more money. Gov Brown tried - where are the success models and where are the improvements?

a-1596302283 Aug 01, 2020 10:18 AM
Air Force Vetting Vandenberg Base for US Space Command Headquarters

Schools get 50% of all state general revenues under Prop 98. How much more do you think schools should be getting. Teachers needing to buy their own supplies (and taking a tax deduction for anything they claim is necessary for their classrooms) is a function of union bargaining. There is plenty of money for schools in this state - unions decide how this is allocated. Unions put their friends on the school boards so they toally control the distribution of this very generous tax dollar allocation. Time to stop the myth - the schools don't have any money. Pretty much a lie put out by teacher union marketing. What we don't have, are results for the amount of money spent - latest ranking was 49 out of 50 states. This shocks the conscience. Which may be why the teacher unions want all this deflective "we need more money" marketing nonsense put out there as a cover-up.

a-1596233978 Jul 31, 2020 03:19 PM
Air Force Vetting Vandenberg Base for US Space Command Headquarters

Or, you know, any of the plethora of public sectors that don't get enough funding because we practically throw money at anything military related. The amount of waste our military causes is disgusting. Yet we turn a blind eye in the name of freedumb and shootin guns and playin war and 'murica - meanwhile the homeless population explodes, teachers have to buy their own school supplies, unemployed folks in a pandemic can't get the funds they need...America is doomed

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