Senior-Only Shopping Times

Can someone please post a list of all local markets who have set aside time for seniors only to shop? I heard Gelson’s allows only older folk to shop between 7AM and 8AM: are there any others?

Update by edhat staff

The below list was compiled by VNA Health:

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  1. I went to Albertson’s to pick up milk and bread. No line, but also no bread, empty meat-counter, barely any milk. I left with a half-gallon of milk and an onion. The close to 380# lady behind me in an electric cart had her basket full. Her attendant/assistant pulled 2 fully-loaded carts. I’m not knocking the weight-disabled senior woman–I don’t know her story–but what good are senior and vulnerable hours if there are few essentials on the shelves and some seniors or vulnerables are also hoarders? Limits need to be set, either in dollar amounts or # of items. It’s sad and unfortunate, but many people are behaving badly and erratically.

  2. Props to Trader Joe’s- went there yesterday afternoon- a line to let a few in at a time, designated distances on the walkway. someone disinfecting each cart as they give it to you. reasonably stocked shelves. At checkout stands, every other one is closed so good ‘distancing’, plus they disinfected the area where they put the food prior to each check out. smelled like a hospital!

    Of note- I am well over 65 (in late 70’s and can’t imagine the benefit of shopping early with other in same risk-likely age demographic! Why would I want to stand in line with others who are the most susceptible to this hideous virus? I understand the concept that we get to shop earlier, or perhaps there is more on the shelves, but seems to me it might be counter-productive.

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