Senior Citizen Advocates?

Are there any senior citizen advocates or attorneys to work pro-Bono to help a local woman?

I met a lovely woman at the Greek Festival who is 71 years old and a Santa Barbara resident for 39 years. She was a homeowner for the last 23 years and was forced to sell her home in April. She has been shuffled into an assisted living home where they have alleged she has Alzheimer’s. She is cogent, lively, and does not present as at all incapacitated. She received none of the proceeds from the sale of her house and has been placed on a $200 a month “Allowance”. Does anyone have advice?

What do you think?


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  1. In my (very sad) experience with elderly relatives, all these government agencies do is create further harm in most cases. Never get in their cross hairs, I say. Their favorite trick is to “5150” the elderly who may be distressed for some legitimate reason, but instead just construe their problem as a mental disorder. Happened to an elderly relative of mine. The great “they” determined he showed some dementia , so shipped him to some snake pit in Los Angeles against everyone’s will. He died from what they did to him. From what I’ve learned the best thing is to get a really good lawyer. Of course, that is hard to afford and many lawyers won’t even take these kinds of cases. It is wise to be very careful who you allow to get power over you or your loved ones.

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