Restaurants with Vegan Options?

I’m looking for some local restaurants that have a diverse menu including more than just salads for a few people who are vegan. Can edhat readers provide some recommendations?

What do you think?


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  1. Mesa Verde for sure. I’ve been 100% vegan for about a year now and though I believe one can be just as healthy eating 10% animal products, I eschew all animal products.

    If you’re a new vegan or checking for a friend one thing to realize is that it’s incredibly easy to find great tasting vegan meals even at regular places. For example habit burger has a 100% vegan burger and it’s delicious. Just get without the honey mustard dressing which has egg. Fries aren’t the healthiest but are vegan. 😉 also at the Habit is they’re garden salad and I add One or two veggie patties and get the balsamic dressing.

    Another go to for me is Blaze pizza upper state. I get Make your own pizza with a little vegan cheese and the sauce and add lots of veggies- all inclusive it’s only 8.95!

    Natural cafe has many vegan options and their healthy planet burger is delicious.

    Sushi restaurants you can get edamame, miso soup, avocado rolls, vegetable tempura are all options. Salad and rice too obviously.

    Breakfast you can go to Jeanine’s and get the quinoa or oatmeal bowl. Ditto for backyard bowls. And really any diner the oatmeal is made without milk- but ask- add bananas and berries-and you can get a side of country potatoes if you like.

    Many of the hip coffee shops such as Lighthouse coffee, java station and handlebar have delicious avocado toast- a savory vegan option. Lighthouse is my favorite.

    Eating vegan is easiest when you get basic foods- rice, beans, salads, fruits grain bowls. But eating out with friends and having options is very nice. And of course keep an eye out for Vietnamese food as there are many vegan options.

    Oh! Also flavor of India has an entire vegan menu and the food and service are wonderful there.

    And also- Opal is one of Santa Barbara’s best and they’ve got usually 2 great vegan options: the vegetable napoleon, sub mashed potatoes for polenta and also a grilled veggie sandwich that is delectable.

    To recap:
    1. Mesa Verde
    2. Natural cafe
    3. Flavor of India
    4. Vegan options abound at Habit Burger, blaze pizza, backyard bowls, Opal Restaurant, and many coffee shops.


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