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I’m looking for a recommendation for an MD in town who is well versed in immunizations, specifically for a young adult who has not had the typical childhood vaccines and is now interested in getting them on a   time schedule that is reasonable and safe.



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  1. The Children’s Medical Clinic on Arrellaga St. has(d) been a wonderful clinic that has served many generations of Santa Barbara kids. Our initial pediatrician retired from there between the times when our second and third children were born. We took our third child in for his vaccinations when he was 2 or so. This was about 8 years ago, long before Covid or the release of the Covid vaccine. After receiving one of the injections, he went unconscious for about 5 minutes, and was then groggy for about two weeks. We of course asked the pediatrician about it. We weren’t accusatory or demanding, we just wanted to learn more about what happened, why it happened, and whether it was an indication for future concern. In response, the pediatrician abruptly terminated our physician patient relationship (i.e. the doctor fired us as patients) and we had to go find a new pediatrician. It was a very concerning experience for us, and became our reason to independently learn all that we could about all vaccines. It has been an eye opening experience for us to say the least.

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