Local Donations with Low Overhead

I’m looking to donate cash to a local organization that’s helping during the pandemic, but want to choose one that has a relatively low overhead where the majority of money would go to those in need and not for the organization’s expenses. Does anyone have recommendations?

What do you think?


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  1. I just sent Santa Barbara Wildlife Care Network a $100 check. Let’s not forget about our fellow Earthlings during this crisis. OP: My tip for you (and others donating) is not to use any form of payments system (PayPal, Venmo, etc) that charges a fee ——- especially if you don’t want fees deducted.

  2. At the Foodbank of Santa Barbara County 91% of donations go directly to programs that provide healthy food to local families, seniors and individuals. We’re proud of that. Your donation are used wisely, especially now!

  3. OK, we just donated a good sum to Food Bank. We were happy to help people in this time of stress. But I simply cannot understand the compulsion that money should only be given to ‘local’ charities. Santa Barbara is more affluent than most places. We should share as we are able. And please remember that when you pay taxes one major purpose of that is to provide for needy people all over the state and nation. Public (e.g., government) charity (ridiculed by right wing propaganda as ‘welfare’ or ‘dole’) is critical to our souls and our well being as conscientious humans.

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