Hot Tub Rental

Remember the Hourglass and Magic Waters?  The Hourglass was on West Cota Street, and Magic Waters was on upper State Street near the Highway 154 junction.  They were businesses where you could go and book a private “room” for an hour or so and enjoy your own private hot tub/spa.  As I recall, both places had about half a dozen or so fenced outdoor “rooms.”  Alas, it seems that both entities are now gone.

Are there any such local hourly hot tub places that you can go to for an hour or so to enjoy a soak?  I’m not looking for anything communal, such as the YMCA or gym.  I don’t want to hang around in a hot tub with a bunch of strangers.  I mean, not that there’s anything WRONG with a bunch of strangers, I just don’t like hanging around with them.

What do you think?


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