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We’re coming to the area for a wedding in August 2020 at the Montecito Club and want to rent a house closeby. What is the best area that readers recommend?

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  1. We did a home exchange with a couple who wanted to come here for a wedding. What started out as a couple staying at our house turned into our home becoming party central for many unexpected wedding guests. Dirty sheets and pet hair everywhere along with a full case of of empty alcohol bottles. Take the time to rent in one of the legal short rentals, the locations are mapped out on the STR section of the city of SB website, or go to a HOTEL.

  2. Years ago, a really good friend booked a private house for their sons wedding…. …. Luckily, a couple months before the wedding, they somehow found out the house was up for sale , and if it had sold before the wedding, they would have been screwed !!! My point, do your due diligence and make sure everything is on the up & up and get a good contract.

  3. As you can tell OP, people in SB are not the friendliest and are mostly opposed to “short term rentals”. There is a lot of crime here FYI despite what the “luxury” tourist videos will show you. You’ll be “safe” though at the MCC & my best advise is just do an Airbnb or VRBO you will might be instructed to not have parties and act like you aren’t a short term guest because the house you end up with is probably illegally operating. It’s happened to me before.

  4. Make sure you rent a legal one. Get familiar with the areas where they are legal. Short term rentals are not allowed in unincorporated Montecito. They are legal in some of the commercial areas of SB and Goleta. Illegal in unincorporated Noleta, etc. Check out Paradise Rentals but make sure Mr. Kracke rents you a legal one. I think they are legal on Padaro lane where a few rentals are grandfathered in.

  5. The hotel route might be fine for some, but a rental home often allows you to smoke whatever you want, make as much noise as you want as late as you want. I can’t imagine staying anywhere that did not allow me to have my cigars or medical MJ (helps with anxiety and feelings of helplessness). Rental homes are also more likely to allow service animals. The BIG plus is that it will be a lot cheaper to rent out a nice house (we always get rentals with a pool and/or spa). That being said, there are several rentals by the new Miramar hotel in Montecito….but be warned, you will be close to the RR tracks and train HOOOOOOOOOORNNNNNNNNNNNNNSSSSSSSSS. (LOL!!!)

  6. There are several fabulous legal home rentals within a mile of Montecito Club off Alston Rd, Barker Pass Rd, Hot Spring Rd. A plus is the area has both City Home Rentals; and Montecito unincorporated rentals— different rules. Also Padaro homes under Coastal Commission rules. Montecito Rules are irrational nonsense designed to be flexible. For example, in unincorporated Montecito there’s a $500 annual fee approximately for a permit to rent a “home stay” property with perhaps one or more guest houses. How many people do you need to accommodate? Montecito only allows “3-bedrooms” to be rented but most Montecito homes also have adjoining libraries, music, Rec, or other rooms with hide-a-bed sofas or Murphy beds. As you know, the advantage is privacy, silence, and free parking on a 1-2 acre property for much less money. Call the rental owner. After my staying at the Miramar Rosewood (aka Grand Floridian Disney World) and Hotel California (Los Angeles North) to try them out, with wait lines for seating, you definitely want to pursue a private exclusive residence for peace, calm, and sanity to enjoy being with family and friends.

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