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I’ve had my homeowner’s insurance for decades and always paid promptly. I made no insurance claims whatsoever during any fires. But my home insurer is now cancelling me, basically for being in a fire-risk area, even though no homes in my neighborhood had any smoke or fire damage during the Thomas fire.

Can you recommend any insurers who will provide reasonable coverage?


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  1. I have friends up north who also had their insurance canceled, and all their neighbors. It may have been just the fire part, I really don’t know. However, their 1st option was only Lloyds of London; I think they took a few but then realized what the risk was. So then Lloyds refused so the State has to cover, at 2xs the rate.

  2. We have never made a claim, have Farmers. Our agent Dave here in Carpinteria told me that the morning of the debris flow he didn’t even know it happened until a client called saying she didn’t have flood insurance and what should she do since her home was wrecked. Dave notified the main office at 9am. At 9:30a they called back and said any clients in the debris flow were covered because it was actually caused by the recent Thomas Fire, hence, covered by fire insurance. I thought that was very cool. Have no idea what goes on with them now as far as fire insurance goes.

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