Grab-n-Go Breakfast downtown

In recent years I’ve grabbed breakfast at Backyard Bowls and Renaud’s before work, but I’m looking for other breakfast option in the downtown area. Does anyone have any suggestion for quick breakfast option? Preferably someone with phone or online ordering.

What do you think?


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  1. Starbucks has some pretty decent options. Their breakfast sandwiches are very filling, the oatmeal is good, and they always have a variety of pastries. If you get to Jeannine’s early enough that’s a great option – their pastries are unmatched. Andersen’s also has a good assortment.

  2. Rudy’s breakfast burritos are great. Sambos is fast and you can sit at the counter. i’m usually in and out of there in under 20 mins (if you get their around 7am).
    Jeannine’s and Bela Rosa on the west side is good too. I used to go to cucas, but the last two times, i got really bad food poisoning, so yeah…no more cucas. I’ve heard there are a few spots on the east side, but am not sure where. Well, I know Lito’s off of Haley has good breakfast burritos….

  3. The two breakfast biscuits for $2.50 at Carl’s Jr. will satisfy most appetites. You can eat one, or both, or….share the 2nd one with your partner or co-worker (if you have a co-worker to share with). The biscuits alone are “to die” for….buttery, flaky, and most importantly, deee-lish!

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