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Edhatters: What suggestions do you have for a smallish restaurant in SB that is locally owned and operated and has a fairly healthy menu? I have some visitors coming to town who want to go somewhere different (they’ve been to the usual popular places). Two of them are vegetarians and two are meat eaters so a menu with variety would be helpful! Thanks!

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  1. There are a lot of not “healthy” suggestions on this list. Delicious and local, yes, but healthy??? I’m going to jump on the Mesa Verde wagon with several of the other posters. Do not be afraid to take your whole crew there just because it is a vegetarian menu. I am an avid meat eater, but everything on their menu is amazing, and healthy. They do not just have veggies and call it “vegetarian” – they are ingenious with how they craft their recipes in ways that make you forget about having meat at the center of your plate.

  2. Kyle’s Kitchen on Calle Real, Goleta. Sure burgers and fries on the menu, but plenty of healthy items too. Locally owned, named after their wonderful son with special needs, and they even donate a portion of their proceeds to great charities! Their great cashier BEN will greet you cheerfully when you arrive….check out the website:

  3. Opal, as realbebe mentioned. I went to jr. high w/one of the partners. My best friend introduced me to it when it was Brigitte’s.
    I’m partial to the warm seafood salad, the mushroom pizza, and more. Lunch menu:
    Dinner menu:
    I hope you share with us where and what you ate!

    Address: 1325 State St, Santa Barbara, CA 93101
    Phone: (805) 966-9676

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