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Does anyone have a gentle donkey we can use for Las Posadas, the re-enactment of Mary and Joseph’s journey to Bethlehem? It is for the Trust for Historic Preservation and the burro will be paid for its efforts. He would be ridden by a little 6 year old girl. A mini would be good, or if not, a regular size one.


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  1. We have used Mini donkeys for years. The 1st was Sophia owned by a delightful man who took her to birthday parties for kids to ride; he knew what his burro could carry and how gentle she is. Unfortunately they moved to Oregon. Ponies and donkeys are stronger than horses in the amount of weight they can carry in relation to their bodies. In recent years we had a darling little donkey who finally aged out. A somewhat “unknown donkey”? The owner knows what the pet can do and how it will behave. For 18 years there has been a different “Mary” who didn’t “know the burro” with no problems. When I was 6 I rode a donkey, I was Mary, in the Christmas parade and didn’t meet it until parade lineup. No problems. . Please, if anyone can help we would greatly appreciate it. And, the little animal will be well compensated. Thank you, SHASTA GUY, for your recommendation.

  2. I hope you find one. They can make wonderful lifetime memories. We just don’t have enough contact with animals which is I why I loved taking my kids when they were young to the manger scene at the Mission every year.

  3. Where ever a poster got the idea to claim I think “animals were put here for use and abuse” is really barking up the wrong tree. Where in heavens name did that come from? Asking for a donkey a child can ride, for about an hour, in a Las Posadas Christmas event sure got some strange responses; I’m guessing from people who have no experience with these animals.

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