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Hi all, I’m looking to explore some dirt roads and cool back roads in the area in a jeep or truck. Hoping to get up into the mountains around here. Any suggestions? Thanks!

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  1. There isn’t a single OHV route open anymore! Road to Pendola, Divide peak, Buckhorn, Camuesa, Santa Cruz Trail, etc have all closed and no one seemingly cares. Please call the LPNF and ask them what are their plans to re-open these roads because if we don’t they’ll never re-open and the wonderful Sierra Club will do its work to keep them closed. Support organizations like C.O.R.V.A who actually fight to keep our public lands public not restrict access to them.

  2. Not true, there are OHV areas open in Santa Lucia District. Plus, it’s wet season, it is totally reasonable and normal for most to be closed. OHVs are absolutely terrible for the environment, increasingly so when the ground is wet and vulnerable. Air pollution, noise pollution, habitat destruction, not to mention spreading of plant diseases and non-native species because vehicles aren’t properly washed down after each use… There are good reasons people don’t care for OHV “rights”. An OHV is not your only avenue to use public land, you have not been prevented. OHVs don’t get the same priveleges as citizens, your OHV is not an extension of you.

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