• Donkey for Hire

    Donkey for Hire

    Does anyone have a gentle donkey we can use for Las Posadas, the re-enactment of Mary and Joseph's journey to Bethlehem? It is for the Trust for Historic Preservation and the burro will be paid for its efforts. He would be ridden by a little 6 year old girl. A mini would be good, or if not, a regular size one.

  • Dog Pedicure

    Dog Pedicure

    Where’s the best place to have my dog’s nails trimmed? I heard there are two women on W. Mission St. who clip canine nails for $5.00 and do a great job, but I have no idea where these women are actually located. Any good, trustworthy doggie nail-trimmer references greatly appreciated. (No pet shops, please, where live animals are sold.) Thank you.

  • Mobile Cat Veterinarian

    Mobile Cat Veterinarian

    I am wondering if there is a mobile vet in Santa Barbara? My old 17 year old cat has lived out his life and its  sadly time to euthanize him. I called the Cat Doctors and they are booked for 2 weeks. Cat and Bird Clinic doesn't have a vet available today. There is a mobile vet but they are not in the area today. I am hitting a brick wall. Does anyone know of a mobile vet, as I would prefer not having to traumatize my cat with a car ride, which he hates. Thank you for any help you can offer. 

  • House/Pet Sitter

    House/Pet Sitter

    We are looking for a dependable, honest person to do house/pet sitting. We leave town occasionally, and are unable to take our dog with us. We are looking for someone we can trust to stay with our pet in our house and feed and walk our small dog for several days at a time.

  • Veterinary suggestions

    Veterinary suggestions

    Can anyone recommend a good vet in Santa Barbara? I was taking my dog to Dr Kay Fransen at the SB Animal Medical Center on Milpas, and now all of a sudden she's gone. That place has changed ownership about 3 times over the years since I've been going there.