World Dance for Humanity Raises Over $100,000 to Support Ukraine

Source: World Dance for Humanity

World Dance for Humanity’s total support to Ukraine: $110,000
  • $60,000 from our dancers and donors
  • $50,000 from our Match Donor

World Dance for Humanity is not a religious organization, but we found a way to bring food and medicine directly into the war zone, and bring refugees to safety, through the First Ukrainian Evangelical Baptist Church of Santa Barbara, which has an established network of volunteers in Ukraine responding to the crisis.

On March 13th, we made our first donation of $10,000 for Ukraine. By March 20th, we had raised another $20,000, which was doubled by our Match Donor, bringing us to $50,000. On April 3rd, we donated another $30,000. This was also matched, making a total of $110,000 to the relief effort.

Our Match Donor was so inspired by the funds we raised, he is offering ONE MORE MATCH.

Our goal is to raise another $20,000 by May 1st. Every dollar received by then will be MATCHED, and will go directly to Ukraine to save lives.

Please SHARE OUR DONATION LINK with anyone looking for a secure, direct way to help.


How our donations are being used:

Our donations are going to 6 churches in the Rivne/Lviv area whose volunteers are using their own vehicles to make the dangerous journey into the war zone (Kyiv, Kharkiv, Chernigov, and the Donetsk region), to deliver desperately needed food and supplies, and to transport families to border crossings in Romania, Hungary, and Poland.

Our funds are providing GAS for the vehicles and FOOD, MEDICINE, and SUPPLIES.

We have helped approximately 3,500 people reach the borders so far.

Our support is also going to the churches that are housing about 1,000 refugees who want to stay in Ukraine. They are living in the church basements and at the homes of church members. This includes a group of disabled people from the village of Bucha, where 300 civilians were brutally massacred by Russian forces.

Video from Ukraine

Excerpts from a video made for WD4H about the aid effort

Your support in action – Food and support for 60 refugees from Kharkiv & Poltava living in the basement of one of the Rivne churches:


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