Who Was Hollister?

By Tom Modugno of Goleta History

Hollister Avenue. It’s Goleta’s main street and we drive on it everyday. It runs all the way through Goleta, from Haskells Beach until it turns into State Street just east of Modoc Road. But who was Hollister?

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Written by tMo

Tom Modugno is a local business owner, writer, and community activist. He also runs GoletaHistory.com and GoletaSurfing.com

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  1. With respect, this white wash treatment of what amounted to a small town robber baron is single. The chase for money is not a particularly motivating nor is it inspirational. He used Chinese labor to avoid hiring locals who would probably have had better conditions than offered the Chinese, he illegally bought property depriving that family of the protection arranged by their father, he chased after women outside of his marriage and apparently had to be embarrassed into paying child support for a least one child he sired in that way, he moved his wife out of the family home while he was carrying on these sexual adventures and so on. Not much in this life of commerce to give young people admirable lessons on conducting their own life. Can’t see why Hollister Avenue should not be renamed after someone more ethical.

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