Westside Neighborhoods Transportation Planning Effort Begins

Source: City of Santa Barbara

One of the reasons we love our small city Santa Barbara is its walkability, bikeability, and the ease of driving its streets. Feeling safe on the street is fundamental to our quality of life. If residents are not feeling safe on their streets, City Public Works wants to find solutions.

For the Westside and Lower West Neighborhoods, Public Works is conducting a bilingual outreach effort to help residents identify safety concerns and an action plan to address those concerns. A Listening Workshop is scheduled for Saturday, April 6 at the Harding University Partnership School. View the Workshop Flyer for details. 

Public Works will return to the Neighborhoods in summer 2019 with a proposal to address the safety concerns identified and will request feedback from residents. The resulting transportation plan for the Westside and Lower West Neighborhoods will be taken to Council for action in late 2019.


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  1. We get mad at them when they don’t solicit our opinions, like with the tiny houses for homeless, and then when they solicit our opinions we say that it is a BS process and they will ignore us. Can they do anything right? If enough of us get involved, they have to listen, like with the tiny houses for the homeless.

  2. actually, we get upset when they WASTE OUR $$ doing B.S. studies. The “survey” pays mere lip service to any interest in constituent complaints because, as recently quoted in SB Independent, “Massive Housing Project Approved” Murillo states, “At the end of the day, Santa Barbara needs 76 new rental units. Oh and no parking needed!

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