Waterfront Regional Action Plan Tackles Homelessness Through Community Collaboration

Source: City of Santa Barbara

A new plan is providing relief and hope for people who are impacted by the issue of homelessness on the Santa Barbara waterfront.

In order to tackle the issue in a targeted way, SB Act facilitates a weekly Waterfront Regional Action Plan (RAP) meeting to engage stakeholders that are committed to creating and implementing solutions to homelessness.

Business and hotel owners, law enforcement and community members are all collaborating to get to the root of the problem with a chycle of accountability. The goal is to reduce the number of those impacted by homelessness in the waterfront area and ultimately get those individuals into long-term housing.

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  1. Sadly, many long-term residents are facing homelessness. Affordable housing is so hard to find. Many can’t get help until they become homeless. Fixed income and housing don’t mix. Taking care of aging parents while raising children who were born here doesn’t allow an opportunity to move. I invite you to take an orientation tour to Transition House to better understand how families are struggling. Two parents working two jobs at minimum wage won’t cover the costs of living. Have a heart, especially this time of year.

  2. BRD2TRS- I completely agree there are situation where help is needed and will be taken and used.
    my take and feelings on living here my whole life, working at transition house more years than I remember.
    there are two distinct groups of homeless. those than are down on their luck and need help. and those who CHOOSE to live this way. I have shown compassion more times than I have been SHOWN compassion. I have shown compassion and then have items stolen from my yard, people deficating in my walk way. there is a limit to the helping hand I will extend and continue to extend when its literally “sh*t” on.

  3. Here we go again. The cities and county have been “ending homelessness” for decades and all that has happened is that we’ve spent millions of dollars and the numbers of vagrants and homeless keep increasing. Good luck with this one…

  4. Giant piles of bikes and bike parts are a common feature of every homeless encampment. Why? Fires are a common feature, even in warm weather (On Nov 14th, it was 90 degrees). Why? Could these issues be addressed before referring to these residents as “people who are impacted by the issue of homelessness” and offering them free SB housing?

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