Water Shutoff for La Cumbre Area Wednesday

Source: City of Santa Barbara


Water service will be interrupted while the City is connecting to the new water main.

The water shutoff will occur during the hours of 10:00 p.m. – 6:00 a.m. The water shutoff is scheduled to occur the night of Wednesday, April 3, 2019.

PROJECT OVERVIEW: During construction, you will notice heavy equipment, construction workers, restricted parking areas, and traffic at the construction sites (see map). The City’s contractor (Tierra) will carry out necessary temporary traffic control measures, such as detours and reduced speed zones, in order to allow vehicles and pedestrians to safely pass the construction site.

PROJECT BENEFITS: The City is replacing old water features, piping, valves, and hydrants to reduce risk of water main breaks and conserve water.

Location: La Cumbre Road from Harold Avenue to State Street
Construction Schedule: summer 2018 thru spring 2019 Total Project Costs: $4,725,925
Funding Source: Water Main Replacement Fund
City Project Manager: Mehdi Moussavian
Phone: (805) 897-2501
E-mail: MMoussavian@SantaBarbaraCA.gov 

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  1. “health implications?” Meaning no coffee when you wake up? Meaning no early morning shower? Meaning no running water to brush the teeth? Can’t flush the toilet?
    Pro tip: Get all that done prior to the turn off at 10 pm the night before.
    Toilets have a supply tank!
    Coffee can be heated with a microwave or stove.
    Water can be stored in a container for future uses.
    Yikes! This sounds like a dire emergency already.

  2. I do not appreciate your snarky comments or snap judgments. My husband and his health care providers use water frequently throughout the day and night (without going in to things that are none of your business), to help his survival. Moving him is not an option. I hope that no one YOU love, or even your self-centered self ever have to deal with a similar situation, and if you do, that you are treated as compassionately as you have treated us.

  3. you need to calm down, realize that the water system we have requires maintenance. Im sorry your husband and caregivers use water, tip for you. put some in buckets the night before.
    otherwise your snarky comment to “staying on time” was not needed.

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