Watching an Octopus Hunt

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By Tom Modugno

On a recent trip to Central California, we were exploring tidepools with our eyes, when we came across an octopus. Resisting the urge to touch it or interrupt it at all, we instead watched from above as he hunted the expansive pool he was in.

We were rewarded with an incredible show. The octopus worked his way around the pool, going in and out of caves, scaring out small fish, probably eating some and constantly changing his colors as he moved about.

Such an incredible creature,  beautiful and alien-looking. So glad we didn’t bother it and were able to watch nature in action.


Written by tMo

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  1. this made me belly laugh, snort and laugh again…you totally nailed it…and the weirdos that can’t handle people at tide pools doing what curious people do (examine, learn). i spent two hours near Naples last saturday, with my malinois, having fun at the tide pools. i always kept looking over my shoulder for some edhat nanny to come scold us…never happened. whew!

  2. I wholeheartedly recommend the movie My Octopus Teacher. It’s streaming, and you can watch it for free. SUCH a great documentary about these fascinating beings! NEVER eat octopus! Please. They are very intellligent and wonderful.

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