Watch the Latest Episode of “City Connection”

By the City of Santa Barbara

Learn what it takes to become a VIP. Watch as eight new police officers are sworn in during a recent Santa Barbara Police Department ceremony. Discover how you can contribute to bicyclist and pedestrian safety on State Street. And take a ride with the Library on the Go van.

Watch the latest episode of City Connection here

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  1. Whiners complaining about this new program boy City TV? get a life! City TV airs almost every city council and committee meeting- live and puts them on the internet. letting public have unlimited access to the slow turning wheels of government. And programs like the one now being produced give citizens information. All cities hire PR or Public Information folks. This is better- visual information about what city is doing. And this particular show encourages interested citizens to help police by volunteering. so what’s the downside of this project? using existing city resources to spread actual information and opportunities. Great program. go find something more important to complain about.

  2. Yeah, it’s basically a PR deal for the City and City PD especially. Seems unnecessary at best, and overall a wasteful use of resources, at least to me. Hey, I can see why the City would feel the need to spend tax dollars on PR for the police work especially. There’s been so much public negativism directed at police officers. They want to try and reassure the YouTube watching public (small sub sector) that we’re doing out best.

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