Wanted Suspect Arrested with Loaded Firearm and Drugs

Source: Santa Barbara Sheriff’s Office

On Friday, October 12, 2018, members of the AB109 Compliance Response Team (CRT) conducted an investigation into the whereabouts of wanted Post-Sentencing Supervision offender, 35-year-old Erik Duran. Duran, a convicted felon and resident of Santa Maria, had a no-bail warrant for his arrest due to absconding from the terms of his AB109 probation. In the afternoon, CRT members tracked Duran to a storage facility located on the 300block

CRT located Duran inside the rear cargo area of a vehicle parked near a storage unit. Upon contact, Duran fled from CRT members, leading them on a brief foot pursuit. Duran was apprehended after a short chase. 

A search of Duran’s vehicle revealed 7 ½ pounds of methamphetamine, ½ pound of heroin, over $3000 in cash, a loaded 9mm semi-automatic handgun, 17 rounds of handgun ammunition, brass knuckles and a taser disguised as a flashlight. 

Duran was booked into Santa Barbara County Jail on the following charges:

• Possession of methamphetamine for sales – Health & Safety Code §11378
• Possession of heroin for sales – Health & Safety Code §11351
• Possession of a loaded/concealed firearm with narcotics for sale – Health & Safety Code §11370.1
• Felon possess a firearm – Penal Code §29800(a)(1)
• Felon possess ammunition – Penal Code §30305(a)(1)
• Felon possess stun gun – Penal Code §22610(a) 
• Possess brass knuckles – Penal Code §21810
• Resisting arrest – Penal Code §148(a)(1)
• Probation violation – Penal Code §1170(h)(5)(B)

The Compliance Response Team is funded by realignment money distributed through the Community Corrections Partnership, a committee of various county law enforcement and judicial representatives. CRT consists of Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s Deputies and a Probation Officer


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  1. The constitution provides for the right to bear arms. The founders made this the second amendment. Second only to freedom of speech. They did this for a reason. But freedom of speech is not free. Indeed there are many examples of both painful and expensive exercises of freedom of speech. The courts have defended it exhaustively even when the populist opinion would have restricted speech. So why do you think the second amendment would be different? Of course the founding fathers knew there would be costs to the second amendment but felt it was so important that they expressly provided the right. So why are you so against the second amendment while exercising your first amendment rights? Maybe the reason America is the best democracy on earth is precisely because of the first and second amendments.

  2. I believe the 2nd Amendment says we have a right to own guns for a “well armed militia”. With our police force and military I believe we have a well armed militia. I doubt the Founding Fathers meant anyone could own AK47s and other outrageous arms the NRA is so determined to protect.

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