Volunteers Work on N. Cold Spring and Blue Canyon Trails

Source: LPFA

The Los Padres Forest Association (LPFA) has continued the quest to reopen the North Cold Spring and Blue Canyon Trails located on the backside of the Santa Ynez Mtns directly behind Santa Barbara.

The LPFA led two volunteer projects in March focused on brushing the trail, clearing downed trees and restoring damaged sections of tread. The first project was a three-day volunteer effort where we cleared some of the upper portion of North Cold Spring and the top mile of Blue Canyon as you drop down from Forbush Camp. We also began brushing from Forbush down towards Mono Camp.

Our second project was in conjunction with Laguna Blanca School where we focused on clearing the trail between Cottam Camp and P-Bar. It was great being able to work with volunteer groups again and we can’t wait to continue the push towards reopening these trails.

We should have some additional volunteer opportunities scheduled in May and also spend a few weeks along the eastern edge of Blue Canyon with the LPFA professional trail crew. 

If you’d like to sign up to volunteer or to learn more, please email the LPFA at VOLUNTEER@LPForest.org or check out www.HikeLosPadres.com.

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