Volunteers Needed to Prune Memorial Rose Garden

Volunteers Needed to Prune Memorial Rose Garden title=
Volunteers Needed to Prune Memorial Rose Garden
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Source: City of Santa Barbara Parks & Recreation

The City of Santa Barbara Parks and Recreation Department is calling all gardening enthusiasts for the annual A. C. Postel Memorial Rose Garden pruning event on Saturday, January 11 from 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.

The scenic A. C. Postel Memorial Rose Garden, located in Mission Historical Park across from Mission Santa Barbara, contains more than 1,500 rose bushes and is maintained throughout the year by Parks and Recreation staff and members of the Santa Barbara Rose Society.

“The timeless beauty of the roses are nothing without the care and dedication from all of our volunteers,” Parks Supervisor Ramiro Arroyo said. “Every year there are comments made about how magnificent the roses look when they bloom after each pruning and every year we think they look better than the year before.”

Training and refreshments provided. Volunteers should bring a pair of garden gloves and pruning shears with them to the event. The garden is located just opposite the Santa Barbara Mission, on Plaza Rubio between Laguna Street and Emerson Avenue.

Please direct questions to Ramiro Arroyo at the Parks Division by calling (805) 897-1917.

Event Details

Saturday, January 11, 2020

9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.

A. C. Postel Memorial Rose Garden at Mission Historical Park

Facebook Event: http://bit.ly/RosePruning2020

To learn more about rose pruning, arrive early to the event for a lesson, and attend a talk by Rose Society member Denise Speer on January 5 at 2:00 p.m. at the Central Library.

About the Parks and Recreation Department

The City of Santa Barbara Parks and Recreation Department proudly offers a wide range of parks, facilities, and programs designed to serve the needs of the community.

The Parks Division manages and maintains 360 acres of developed parkland and over 1,183 acres of open space parkland. The Parks Division staff is responsible for providing safe and high quality parks, open space, three miles of beaches, playgrounds, sports fields, street medians, right-of-way landscaping, building landscaping, and restrooms. Parks Division forestry staff maintain and manage over 42,000 street trees, park trees, and city facility trees for the benefit of residents, ensuring a safe and healthy community forest.

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Factotum Dec 29, 2019 02:35 PM
Volunteers Needed to Prune Memorial Rose Garden

Parks and Rec has followed Integrated Pest Management (IPM) guidelines for decades - however with no tracking for cost-benefit analysis. It would be nice if this more expensive, personnel-heavy approach could be measured with real data. Volunteers always welcome to help with this labor intensive IPM alternative.

a-1577659315 Dec 29, 2019 02:41 PM
Volunteers Needed to Prune Memorial Rose Garden

Only if you consider insecticidal soap a pesticide....that is all roses need to stay nice. If you use soap to clean your body or your dishes, then I would think you might be horrified to learn it is also used to prevent aphids on roses.

a-1577684953 Dec 29, 2019 09:49 PM
Volunteers Needed to Prune Memorial Rose Garden

Many years ago I spoke with a woman who lived on Plaza Rubio, across from the Rose Garden. She said when the Parks Department sprayed pesticides on the roses, the toxic stuff would drift over to the homes there and even coat the vehicles with sticky residue. I know that even though there was big noise made about IPM program and not spraying in the parks, Parks & Recreation Dept. still sprays Roundup at the walls up top of the Mission Lawn and all around the historic structures in the meadow up beyond the Mission Lawn.

Factotum Dec 29, 2019 10:19 PM
Volunteers Needed to Prune Memorial Rose Garden

Neem Oil is sticky, but very organic. Good for a lot of rose pests. Is that what your neighbor was reporting. Round-up is a good choice to protect historic stone structures. Dissipates after only a few days and provides good protection against invasive weeds that could fracture old stone fissures. Makes good sense to use Round-Up selectively. Did you volunteer to hand-pick out the weeds every week for Parks and Rec as an alternative?

PitMix Jan 02, 2020 09:43 AM
Volunteers Needed to Prune Memorial Rose Garden

"The ingestion of neem oil is potentially toxic and can cause metabolic acidosis, seizures, renal failure, encephalopathy and severe brain ischemia in infants and young children . Neem oil should not be consumed alone without any other solutions, particularly by pregnant women, women trying to conceive, or children." Just because it is derived from seeds, doesn't mean it is completely safe. As for Roundup, I believe the recent court cases resulting in huge judgments have said it all.

Factotum Jan 02, 2020 10:01 AM
Volunteers Needed to Prune Memorial Rose Garden

The Round-up court cases were exercises in hysteria unrelated to the long established science about the product. Refer to the exploitatation of "forum shopping" before using jury verdicts as another "consensus" science hoax.

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