Violent Burglar Arrested After Fight With Police

Source: Santa Barbara Police Department


(SANTA BARBARA, CA – 05/19/2017) On 5-19-17 at approximately 0130 hours, Officers responded to a residential burglary in progress in the 100 block of East Ortega St.  The resident/victim had called 911 to report a possible intruder.  The resident armed himself with his personal firearm, exited the residence and was waiting outside for Police to arrive.  While Police were responding, the suspect could be seen walking through the home using a flashlight – all the while rummaging around in the victim’s belongings.  The 911 operator instructed the victim to stay outside the home at a safe location, and to secure his firearm as Officers responded. 

Upon arrival Officers located and contacted the victim.  They visually located the suspect inside the home and began to develop a plan to contact the suspect with assistance from K9 Officer B. Miller and his partner Loki.  However, prior to Officers entering the residence, the suspect, Jesus Ayala Flores, age 36 of Goleta exited through a balcony door and climbed on to an adjacent rooftop.  Officers ordered Flores into a prone position at gunpoint, Flores complied.  Officers continued to give Flores commands to stay motionless as they approached.   Officers reached Flores ready to take him into custody, but just before he could be restrained, Flores got up and commenced to violently fight Officers.   Officers Burgard, Denbrook, and Neumann struggled to restrain Flores as he fought with them.   Officers performed a takedown on Flores in an attempt to gain control of him, but Flores continued to actively fight and attempted to roll himself and Officers toward the edge of the roof.  Flores kicked one Officer in the chest also forcing the Officer dangerously close to the edge.  Officers tried to subdue Flores with grappling and control techniques, but his forceful struggle prevent them from taking him into custody.  

At one point in the struggle Flores was able to get his hand around an Officers throat and attempted to choke him.  Officers were able to gain control of Flores and remove his hand from the Officers throat.  Shortly thereafter Flores was put into handcuffs.  Flores, nevertheless continued to fight and resist even after being handcuffed.  He was ultimately placed in the WRAP device for his safety and the safety of the Officers.   Flores was medically cleared at the hospital and had minor injuries.  Officers sustained injuries and were also treated.  None of the injuries were reported to be life threatening. 

Flores was booked at the Santa Barbara County Jail for a violation of 664/187 PC – attempted murder, 69 PC – felonious resisting arrest, 459 PC – residential burglary, 11377 H&S – possession of a controlled substance, and 11550 H&S – under the influence of a control substance.  Information of note:  At the time Flores was taken into custody he had possession of two loaded pistol magazines belonging to the victim. 

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