Ventura County Woman Arrested for Assault in New York

Source: Ventura County Sheriff’s Office

Nature of Incident: Woman wanted for assault in New York arrested in Piru
Report Number: 21-2852
Location: Marina Circle, Piru, Ca.
Date & Time: January 7, 2021 @ 4:30 pm
Unit(s) Responsible: Ventura County Sheriff’s Office / New York Police Department
(S)uspects, (V)ictims, (P)arty, (D)ecedent

City of Residence

(S) Ponsetto, Miya Piru, Ca. 22

A Piru woman was arrested Thursday afternoon for a fugitive warrant in connection with a recent assault at a New York City hotel.
Sheriff’s deputies contacted Miya Ponsetto during a traffic stop near her home in Piru. She did not stop for deputies until she reached her residence, and she refused to get out of the car. Deputies forcibly removed her from the vehicle and arrested her for the outstanding warrant. Ponsetto was booked at the Pre-Trial Detention Facility in Ventura, where she is being held without bail for the fugitive warrant. She will remain in local custody pending an extradition hearing. Detectives from the New York Police Department arrived in Ventura County on Thursday morning to help coordinate the arrest.



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  1. I guess…interesting article here from USA Today that kind of says the opposite. It seems like the moral of the story is don’t commit assault…but if you do…hope it doesn’t make National News for whatever reason because then you are screwed!!! No national news, well…as per the article:
    “Across the United States, police and prosecutors are allowing tens of thousands of wanted felons — including more than 3,300 people accused of sexual assaults, robberies and homicides — to escape justice merely by crossing a state border, a USA TODAY investigation found.”

  2. Roger –
    Agreed she needs to be arrested…just interesting all around as it doesn’t seem like assaults in which there are no injuries are ever extradited. ObviouslydDoesn’t make it right…just an interesting quirk of our justice system and an interesting usage of resources. Considering we pretty much aren’t jailing anyone, I guess I was just assuming they’d track her down at some point and hit her with a fine or something.
    As per that same USA Today article:
    “Each fugitive’s case is chronicled in a confidential FBI database that police use to track outstanding warrants. In 186,873 of those cases, police indicated that they would not spend the time or money to retrieve the fugitive from another state, a process known as extradition. That’s true even if the fugitives are just across a bridge in the state next door. Another 78,878 felony suspects won’t be extradited from anyplace but neighboring states.
    Few places are immune. Police in Philadelphia, Atlanta and Little Rock — all among the nation’s highest-crime cities — told the FBI they wouldn’t pursue 90% or more of their felony suspects into other states. Los Angeles police said they would not extradite 77 people for murder or attempted murder, 141 for robbery and 84 for sexual assault.

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