Vehicle Rollover on Cliff Drive

Reported by Roger the Scanner Guy

Vehicle accident on Cliff Drive near SBCC, a vehicle rollover.


Photos and report by George Duarte

A pickup truck going uphill flips over after going across both lanes and sidewalk, hitting a stone wall.


Written by Roger

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  1. Was it really going uphill? Looks like it was traveling downhill to me. Definitely time to slow down. The economic pressures of living in SB are causing folks to work too much, drive too fast and be generally stressed. To think that we used to complain about having to wait at the traffic lights on 101. At least there were usually some nice beach bodies to look at while waiting! 😉

  2. “Leave 20 minutes earlier”. Some of us have jobs, children, appointments and are unable to leave 20 minutes earlier and enjoy the drive. I have no idea who was driving this truck or where they were going but here’s a hypothetical scenario: they both work and go to school. Class begins 1 hour after their shift ends, they have to drive to SBCC from Goleta, find a parking spot, walk to class, etc. Not all of us that live in this area are retired or wealthy. If I only have an hour for lunch and have to eat plus go to the pharmacy to pick up a prescription that I can’t pick up after work since I have to collect my kid from daycare on time, I can’t leave 20 minutes earlier and enjoy the drive. Please please people try to understand that not all of us live a life of leisure.

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