Vegetation Fire on Highway 101 Near Castillo

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By Scanner Andrew

Firefighters extinguished a small spot fire off SB 101 just before the Castillo offramp.

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Transparent Oct 18, 2021 08:32 PM
Vegetation Fire on Highway 101 Near Castillo

Enough. These aren't coincidences. Folks living illegally in our public spaces and/or transit corridors have proven to be a known, grade-A public safety nuisance. When severe property or personal damage occurs (which it inevitably will) the taxpayers will be on the hook for millions of dollars of damages for the negligence.

Police, Fire, Parks, Transit... get together and say enough is enough. No more illegal camping. Vagrants need to be told to go to our services (which I hope they do) or go to another county/city that will allow them to continue to destroy their lives and their communities (which I hope they don't).

JB86 Oct 18, 2021 10:16 PM
Vegetation Fire on Highway 101 Near Castillo

These incidents are becoming so common they are hardly news. Seems to me a symptom of a larger problem we just cannot figure out. Wish I had the answers.

SantaBarbaraObserver Oct 19, 2021 06:59 AM
Vegetation Fire on Highway 101 Near Castillo

There is actually a rather simple solution to these camps and fires.

Plant bougainvillea, Agave, and all sorts of prickly, pointed and sharp plants - maybe even some native, drought tolerant, Poison Oak and Blackberries too. Cover any other open ground in jagged rocks and sharp boulders.

Simply make the areas inhospitable to humans and they will not camp or loiter in those places. All while making them look pretty and well kept for the productive members of society.

SantaBarbaraObserver Oct 19, 2021 08:46 AM
Vegetation Fire on Highway 101 Near Castillo

What an asinine comment... However, since you asked Mike. As a condition of their housing , we can use the "homeless" that we pay to house in the local motels to clean up the mess they made. A win win! They learn the value of work, learn a skill and we get the mess cleaned up.

Although it would be better for everyone Mike if you could just stop littering. Do you happen to be one of the disgusting bums who trashes our city and sleeps, poops and drinks in these bushes? If you are, move along Bum. Quartzite is waiting for you...

Byzantium Oct 19, 2021 07:56 AM
Vegetation Fire on Highway 101 Near Castillo

Take a drive up Highway 101 and learn the city's Rose Garden Motel vagrant housing program is a total fail -after moving people out of vagrant camps and into an Upper State Street motel, and an equal number immediately moved into the empty spaces so now we have twice the problem, while Homeless Inc cashed their own paychecks providing the Rose Garden with "wraparound services", leaving us even worse than before they started this latest scam project. We have the vagrant camps back in full force and now Homeless Inc demands an extension of the Rose Garden Motel full employment fiasco.

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